October 12, 2006

Writing in my Spare Time

It's almost 3 am and I'm still awake. Too many thoughts spinning around and too much diet Pepsi late at night. We went to Kearney today to Dad's oncologist. I guess that's on my mind. We have a few options to discuss all of which are not the best...but it's come to that I guess. We can (1) start chemo again, (2) see a thoracic surgeon for a procedure that involves many days in the hospital, chest tubes, drains and the "scarring" of the pleural space of the lungs, or (3) we can go along like we have been.
In other news...we remain so very busy with the kids and their activities that it boggles the mind. Alec has his last junior high football game tomorrow...away of course...in the Arctic cirle. He is hoping in fact SURE they are going to kick butt and win this game! Andrew's junior varsity football is done (they had a disappointing season but I felt that Andrew improved in each game so that was a plus. The varsity football game is away on Friday and we need to post a win. Katie has volleyball games left for awhile and I'm glad. I love volleyball and we have a good little team...Katie has done a great job this year and we are proud of her. Funny...it won't be long and it will be time for basketball. The time is going by so fast now.
The dinner theater is this weekend already. It's Cinderella. Katie is the Queen...although she would have been a perfect wicked stepmother and I think she actually got that part but she wanted someone else to have it...so...ta dahhh...she is the Queen and Andrew is...hmmmm...what we call a "village person". He is an extra and all I know he must do is...waltz with someone. He won't tell me who and he won't let me help him. Because as you all know...I'M TOOPID! and UNCOOL!!

(mental note...must order flowers for opening night)

Well, I better try to sleep...only 2 hours till I have to get up and MAKE THE DONUTS!

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