November 08, 2006

Barefoot and Wafering

I walk around barefoot in my living room and feel that I need to vacuum. Instead I go to the pantry, pull open the door and find 4 lemon wafer cookies, slam the door shut, take them to the table and eat them while I read my new book. Occasionally I take sips of Strawberries and Cream Diet Pepsi. I'm multi tasking this afternoon. I'm baking cookies for Katie to take on the bus tomorow and doing laundry AND eating lemon wafers. Our high school volleyball team made it to state and they play on Friday at 11 am in Pershing Auditorium. So...I'm baking chocolate chip and caramel apple cookies for the bus ride. Not the homemade mother of the year kind. No...these were the Oh Shit I forgot I needed to bake 3 dozen cookies for the blah blah blah school function kind...the kind you need right now and maybe yesterday. Frozen in neat little patties oven ready. I get then occasionally from one of my wholesalers for just such a crisis. I should be making supper but I can't figure out what to have tonight. Lemon wafers and Diet Pepsi loom on the horizen.

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Molly said...

God! Welcome back. You were truly missed, but I looked just so I could see the Burma Shave.