November 25, 2006

Fat and Sassy

Thanks to help from Mom and some of my blonde cousins, The COFFEE SHOP is ready for Christmas!! It was no mild feat I can tell you that. It was, in a nutshell, H E double mofo toofpicks. If I could liken this chore to something I would compare it to having major dental surgery without anesthesia, naked, in an outdoor dentist office on a busy street corner during rush hour. yah something along those lines. But THANK YOU DEAR UNDRUNKEN COUSINS!! I am in great debt to you all!! I spent about 12 hours working on it today, with half the day being helped by Mom and Slat Ass and her munchkin. The only thing left now is to put lights on the grove of christmas trees in the pharmacy and to maybe run a string of icicle lights in the coffee shop window.
We had a nice Thanksgiving and got fatter and sassier...hope you did the same.

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