November 22, 2006

Sentimental Journey

I felt the posting of these old poems would be appropriate for Thanksgiving. The first one reminds me of one of our family's "Ho Downs" and no I don't mean HO as in HO...geeze you people.
I noticed the date of this first poem was 1 day before the dreaded 9/11. Weird to think of it now. I guess weird isn't the right word. Here I was writing of a garden party and within 24 hours I would be hard put to think of anything but anguish over that horrific day.
On that note...hope you have a joyful day. One filled with family, friends and good and plenty of it....and naps! Oh yah...and sweat pants with elastic waist bands.


Ivy clings to the gazebo
Curling green intermingled with tiny white lights
Stars for tonight
A cool tang seasons the air
A taste of woodsmoke and the brightness
A cleaning frost may bring
The last of the mums bob their golden heads
Looking like grannies bent over their knitting
Guitars and voices together
Brush the night with a party hue
Baskets of bread, and bowls of fruit are scattered about
Soup spoons clatter into emptiness as each drop is savored
Laughter and smiles and sleeping children are plentiful
Hands that clasp one another are rough with the work of harvest
But a callous is worn with pride and love here
As we celebrate our life

9/10/01...Sheryl McCurdy

Just There

The chrysanthemums have yet to reach the age
Where they coat the sidewalks with their petal dust
But autumn has made her presence known
In many other ways to us
Our cheeks are scolded by the morning breeze
Then warmly stroked in the afternoon sun
Stems of sharply pointed grasses crunch beneath our feet
Broken to jagged edges by the nip of last nights frost
A hunger for the sound of leaves strolling down the street
Rumbles deep within our aching soul
Fuzzy caterpillars deplete a milk pod plant
Feeding on leaf after leaf after leaf
Fall has tweaked our senses
With her basket full of browns and reds and gold's
Step outside to see and feel and smell and hear
And watch this glorious day unfold

10/11/01 Sheryl McCurdy

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