November 28, 2006

They Might Get Their Asses Kicked!

When the boys came home from school, on the day of Thanksgiving break, they threw their filthy stinking sweaty poo poo wrestling clothes and bags in the laundry room.
So what else is new, you say.
Well, how about this. While Katie was doing her hair the next morning, her elbow caught the edge of a shelf in the laundry room. Said shelf was above the cluster of mildewing wrestling clothes. The "nudge" sent a large, very very very expensive bottle of old lady smelling perfume crashing down...down to shatter into a million pieces of sparkles. Embeding not only shards of glass into Alecs unitard (singlet) but Andrew's gym bag as well. AND even though the unitard was washed, dryed and sprayed with febreeze and line dried again and the gym bag was hung outside during the mist all day...I'm afraid all items that were baptized with the parfume were still eeking out the scent of french ho. I can only imagine what all those burly he mens in tight tards were thinking when Alec strutted onto the sweaty mat reeking to high heaven.

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