December 30, 2006


Snowflakes big as butterflys, my mom called to tell me and when I looked outside I saw that it was true.
Beautiful white butterflys swirling around the streetlights.

December 28, 2006

Things Of Note:

1) I got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and I'm not gonna lie...IT SUCKS! It's purple and has a telescoping hose and that my friends is something you have to see to believe. No more circumcised vacuum cleaners for me by God. True we're still in the honeymoon stage, but so far...I can't be more satisfied!
2) If you are feeling dysfunctional for any reason, most of which can be blamed entirely on the holidays and overabundance of a)sugar in mass unchecked quantities and b) extra family members visiting watch LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. It puts the fun back in dysfunctional.
3) We have a talking widget on my apple that takes great pleasure in telling me the time every freaking 15 minutes and frankly it's starting to piss me off. Like I really want to know that I have wasted yet another 15 minutes of precious time. SHUT THE HELL UP WIDGET BOY!!!

December 18, 2006

Good times...Good times

Just got back from Iowa.
Mark's mom had her 75th birthday and we all got together for a birthday/reunion/christmas bash. It was good times. We played dice for Christmas gifts, rolled for doubles for the grab bag gifts and generally taught the younguns how to gamble. It's never too early!
We also watched the Nebraska Husker volleyball girls take the NATIONAL TITLE!!!! YAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I bet the Old Market was hopping Saturday night!
good times...good times
I went to Target and purchased a few minor el cheapo items one can't do several teeny tiny tinsel trees that are very ugly and cost me only 1.00!! I will use them next year if I can find them again.
I'm sooooo tired now I can't finish this post...more later

December 11, 2006

Some Pain, Some Uncertainty

Dad had his left lung "drained" Monday, 1 week ago, here at our local hospital. The Dr. got out almost 2 litres of beer looking fluid and said that he could have gotten out more but the pain was too much for Dad to take. We got a script for Darvocet for pain (actually one pill) and they went home.
Two days later Dad's weight was at an all time low at the oncologists office in Kearney. 155 lbs. I can imagine the left lung, filled to capacity, pressing down on the diaphragm maybe being the culprit. Mom got a gleam in her eye and was imagining all the shakes, supplements, vitamins, calories, juices etc she could mix to fatten up Dad. The usual Dr. has taken on a new partner and we like him. He is able to take time to explain the disease, side effects, labs, etc and also to offer up hope instead of only gloom and doom. This oncologist says that dad's fluid buildup may very well be heart related. (which is the lesser of two evils I guess) He ordered an echo and after looking at the overread (which only took a mere 1 FREAKING MONTH to get results from!!!!) stated that he would send a recomendation for more aggressive treatment of the heart to Dad's primary physician. He says often time a primary physician sees the cancer diagnosis and doesn't want to try to treat the whole patient. He so very right. At least 95 percent of my experience. Always, though, it seems we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Dad has been having intermittant pain, on his left side and scattered various spots. He had the pain over a week ago but chose not to tell the Dr or nurses or us. He has been taking 2 or 3 Darvocet a day with relief. I am wondering if the pain is related to the Zymeta he gets monthly, the cancer, or something else. His labs are all very good, except for the calcium which is just a tiny bit high...10.4 or so. He has been taking a mineral supplement with over 200mg of calcium in it so decided to get off that. After researching Zymeta I saw that gi upset, pain in the chest can occur also intermittant pain. Mom has Pepcid and Dad is going to try that, he's going to cut down on the coffee a bit, drink more water, and I'm sure, drink shake, smoothie, supplement after supplement until he is fat and sassy again.
I've got a call into the clinic for cytology report from Monday, thyroid blood results and hopefully they will get faxed to us tomorrow.

All He Needs Is a Beer and the Remote!

I'm grilling salmon and a couple steaks and baby potatos. I hope I'm hungry because Andrew is dieting and needs to lose 3 more pounds before he can wrestle the weight class he wants tomorrow, Mark has a meeting, Katie...well...Katie eats sometimes and sometimes not...mostly not what I cook, Alec will eat, I will eat and I will make a dash to mom and dad's and they can eat.
Petie will eat well tonight.
Lazy cur

Just Gettin By:

Working, attending basketball games, wrestling meets, Dr. appointments, making baskets for the shop, chewing nails, wishing for thinness and world peace (in that order Santa), trying to teach the parrot to say, "Get the cawfee", shopping online and hoping for a before Christmas arrival, researching moody adolscent behavior and moody premenopausel behavior, thinking about exercising, longing for 2pm naps, dreading Christmas break, hoping to keep snow at bay, smelling ceder, wanting to watch The Effects of Radiation on Man on the Moon Marigolds again.

December 06, 2006

Meet Bertha

Yup...that's Bertha...the pretty sparkly big as a fat lady in the circus Christmas tree...noooooooo not the big fat lady...the BIG AS A FAT LADY IN THE CIRCUS KISSMAHASS TREE!!
She's a Capricorn, likes bacon, pancakes and eggs for breakfast and walking in the rain. She's partial to cat piss perfume and she likes to do death defying belly flops on ceramic tile floors. She's big and she's beautiful thanks to a whole crew of Hamels. Kurt, bless his pea pickin' heart, went to a lot of work picking out the biggest, most bestest badd ass tree he could find, chopped it down with a Paul Bunyan axe and with the help of Bustin Justin Puddin' Haid and big brudder Bessie dropped it off at my door, left the car running, pushed the doorbell and sped like hell down the road Ho Ho Hoing as loud as you can imagine.
Thank you boys!@!!$$%^#@@#$

Thank you Cindy Sue aka Fuzzy for coming over and helping a decorating impaired vinegar headed blonde make a Christmas tree come to life!!!

ps...Bertha took a nose dive today and got a few boo boos (not to mention the old bag who had to pick her big tree lard ass up and put her(meaning Bertha) back into the naughty corner...)

Anywayyyyy...what's a few more cedar needle sticks in the eye, my eye, my eye...sokay but thass my last col beer.

December 01, 2006

Busy Just Doesn't Really Describe It, sports, job, home,
mother, wife, bitch
queen mother of spin your wheels
hurry up and wait
gotta go

see ya