January 29, 2007


Last night I watched "I eat 33,000 calories!" on TLC.
HOLY SHIT...it was about 4 people that are MORBIDLY OBESE. and I don't mean just morbid...I mean MORBID!!!
Sadly I can totally relate to their love of food. I'm not yet ready for the show...but I don't doubt I could be!
They compare their food addiction to a drug addiction...and you can really see it in their interviews. They just can't help being totally immersed in eating.
Truely, It's their drug of choice.
Total oblivian seems to be the goal.
Don't we all have our own addictions?
I mean, I chew my nails. I hate it but I do it without thought and it's just second nature. Sometimes I don't even know it until my fingers hurt.
I hate to think my "drug of choice" is my own damn fingers. Can't I even have a freaky addiction? Something not so mundane? I wonder what the weirdest addiction could be???
Must do research on that.

ps...I'm watching PBS...public broadcast system
The next show is...rated TV G and is...Globe Trekker...whatever that is.

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