January 02, 2007

I Heart You, Unless You Are My CAR!

I'm going to work now. If I don't show up...it's because my PIECE OF CRAP CAR won't start because of THEFT LOCK THEFT LOCK THEFT LOCK !! Anybody else have that problem? My car sometimes, one has no warning really, just won't start and starts blinking this THEFT LOCK THEFT LOCK THEFT LOCK statement in glaring bitch red. My car has attitude and needs time out...this I agree with but NOT WHEN I NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE!!
dahummm, as if I don't get enough of that at home...hahahahahahahahahaha!
In other news, the shop looks like a valentine gone awry. Yes, I spent all day yesterday, ripping down Father Christmas and applying Red, Pink, and White Heart shaped objects, gaggingly sentimental sayings incorporated in mugs, cups and cards, and decorating my pine trees with hearts and tiny little red glass angels holding hearts and apes that say "I'm wild about you", "I'm ape over you", "XOXOXO" and other such love notes and red plush fat hearts that just beg to be tossed around the home. Yes I still have my trees up because...I'm Starting A New Trend! yahhhhh that's it...yahhhh Not becuase I'm SICK OF UNDECORATING or anything llike that.

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