January 18, 2007

I'm Dreaming Of a Nap In a Car

Dad's birthday today. We had a ho down without the ho at the folks house tonight. Soup, Sandwiches, ROCKET INN PIZZA, a little Vino a little beer a lotta coffee. I embarrased my daughter! Yessasaaa! I told about how she knew how to whistle at age 2 months. Seriously. She would just sit in her wet diaper, dry diaper, morning, noon or night...entertaining herself...whistling and singing. She was a very easygoing child to take care of.
Anyway...apparently this story was too much for her.
Busy week this one.
Monday...Katie...RVL Vocal Clinic 1:30, Concert 7:30 @ S.V.
Alec, 2:30 PM Boys Junior High Basketball @ Eustis-Farnam

TBA Katie...Girls Varsity Basketball @ Oberlin Tourney

2:30PM Alec... Boys Junior High Basketball @ Arapahoe

2:30PM Andrew...Boys Varsity Wrestling RVL Cambridge
TBA Katie, Girls Varsity Basketball @ Oberlin Tourney

Saturday, Katie
Speech at Southwest 8:00
Alec, Knights of Columbus Free Throw 10:00
Alec, 7/8 Boys SH Gym 11:00-12:30
Andrew, 12:00PM Boys Varsity Wrestling @ Bertrand Invite
Katie, TBA Girls Varsity Basketball @ Oberlin

Sunday, Alec, Basketball @ 4pm here

This schedule doesn't include work, bathroom breaks or mental breakdowns.

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