January 24, 2007

The Sky Is Falling!

My living room ceiling is caving in, also, my entryway ceiling and my carpet in various areas is saturated and SHIT SHIT SHIT! There is at the very LEAST 5-6 inches of pure ice on the roof of our home...on each story. I'm really taking my life in my hands at this moment as I am laying in this self same living room under the potentially collapsing ceiling as I blog this entry.
Who would miss me...and furthermore...how long would it take for someone to notice I wasn't around?? hmmmmm
Anyway, the whole "repair" process is started. The insurance agency has been called, the carpenter made a visit, but a big concern of mine is...there is a prediction for the MOTHER OF ALL SNOW STORMS coming soon to this area. The carpenter who will be working on our home has a family members wedding in 10 days. Our ceiling has been leaking for 3 days now. How much more will it take to collapse the entire thing???
We've moved pretty much everything out now. Except for this couch and the thousands of buckets we are using to catch the drips in. I have an old tent spread out to protect our carpet. It stinks in here...and it isn't even Pissin' Petie's fault!!

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