January 26, 2007

Wine a Little...or maybe a DAMN LOT

I am having a glass of wine. I may have two...bottles that is. Don't try and stop me. I feel the urge, the call, the need.
I don't know what time it is really because I have no furniture ie clock on my wall. In fact I have only 1/2 a ceiling and that is purely temporary. The leakage continued today until an axe wielding carpenter and his buds managed to chop through and discard the massive blocks of ice that make up my rooftop. The insurance adjuster was here...shortly after he left...the ceiling began to leak in other areas.
Anyways...when I got home from work...which was QUITE BUSY BABY I found:
That dripping mess
The wallpaper that Mark helped hang last night (corner by the woodstove) was hanging helter skelter
A massive pile of PISSIN' PETIE SHIT!!!! ground into the "woodstove room" carpet (luckily enough...brown) by a shrieking man child (Alec) who was screaming, OH MY Oh SICK AGHHH!
My lightswitch in the kitchen shoved into the wall far enough that is would not allow me to turn on the light
And...strangely a certain peace to the uncluttered, bare, back to nature living room I now own.

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Molly said...

I'm continuing to check in to see how things are progressing and find them regressing instead. God Sheryl, I didn't know it could get worse! Pleeze keep us updated, and try to stay dry.