February 05, 2007

Arthritis Tylenol...or LSD??

I took 2 arthritis Tylenol last night...no not with acohol...just water.
I then proceeded to dream the WIERDEST dream ever.
Here goes:
First, I was at work, at the coffee shop, and the place was full. I remember pouring someone a whole carafe of coffee and burning myself. Then, Spike showed up to work but Sandy didn't. I saw Cindy H driving by and I went outside and she picked me up. The trucks were out throwing salt on the roads and I remember Cindy roaring through a slug of it. Kurt, Cindy's other half, was in the backseat with his daddy long legs pulled up to his chin. Suddenly we were heading toward their house. I remember thinking maybe I should be at work...oh well. Cindy was telling me how their white horse was behaving strange and running away. I asked them if she was too old to go into heat and acting like I knew something about horses. We got to their pasture and the horses ran up. The white horse was snorting and sassing around. She was aching to kick someones ass. I got out and tried to feed her a cinnamon bear. Kurt threw a saddle on the fence and said, "Get that ole rag cinched up", and I hoped he meant the horse, not Cindy. hahahahahahaha Then I woke up.
Now, I'm late for work.

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