February 25, 2007

Birthday Girl and Memories

Katie will be 18 years old tomorrow.
Sometimes it feels like it's been 28 years and then sometimes it seems like only a few years have passed since she made her early appearance. She was 3 weeks early. We weren't even in our home town of Norfolk. Mark and I went to Omaha for the weekend. Several of his family were to be there. Also we wanted to hear his brother in laws band THE JACKS play. What can we say...we were groupies and fans. We danced one or two songs...but my damn back hurt...duh. Guess I was in labor. My water broke in the motel that night, around 2 or so. We went into the hospital around 5 or 6 and Katie was born at 8. Luckily Mark's sister (an OB nurse) had arranged a Dr to take call for me. I bet she paid for that one for a long time!! Katie made her presence with a bit of help from some forceps. She was a conehead for awhile...and had jaundice but no real big problems. I remember that I was the first one from my lamaaze group to have a baby. I went back and talked to them after Katie was born. You know...to lie and say, Yah...this lamaaze thing REALLY WORKS!! You bet your ass it does!!

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