February 10, 2007

Bowl Me Over Baybe

Andrew wrestled his way into another day at districts.
Off to North Platte we go again, tomorrow. He needs 2 wins to continue on.
Katie's b-ball team won their game tonight too.
Tomorrow night another game. We'll probably be done with wrestling in time to watch that.

...and I really wanted to meet the BP's for an impromptou soire at the bowling alley tomorrow night. Somehow I'd forgotten that the entire weekend would be slated for the kids games/meets as usual. BP extraordinaire' Teter Bag will be guttering balls tomorrow night and I so wanted to cheer her on.

...maybe after the cross state trek, the wrestling, the ball games, emptying out the "drip pans" from my ceiling of niagra falls, perusing for Petie piss and wiping up as necessary, the laundry, the shop, the exercise which I won't do, the supper I won't cook, the...blah blah blah blah blah

maybe ins pite of it all...I'll go anyway

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