February 20, 2007

Neat-O with a capital N

NEBRASKAland Days plans celebration of Buffalo Bill’s Birthday (NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS)

NEBRASKAland DAYS, the state’s official celebration wishes to invite “one and all” to its Buffalo Bill Birthday Bash -- a fundraising party commemorating Buffalo Bill Cody’s birthday. (AGAIN NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS)

According to NEBRASKAland Days Executive Director Lori Bortner, this Saturday, February 24, partygoers will find the Sandhills Convention Center in the North Platte Quality Inn transformed into the days when the world centered on Rome—with just a touch of the “Old West” thrown in for good measure. The theme for this year’s Bash is “Cowboy Toga” and attendees are encouraged to dress in their boots and “Greek apparel” (meaning Togas).

Yes...a TOGA PARTY for Cowboys....uh yahhhh...sign me up. I've got some Percale with a hankerin' for a chili sauce stain!

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