February 13, 2007

Valentines, Basketball and UGLY Canines

Alec's ball game was cancelled today because of bad weather.
figures...a home game...cancelled...not one of those hour or two away games...a home game. But that gave us time to decorate gigantic huge sugar cookies for tomorrow and we are DUN! Let the celebration begin!
Now...we are going to the girls basketball subdistrict over in Lexington.
But before I go...did anyone watch the WORLDS UGLIEST DOG contest last night??
Lord it was AWESOME! I mean...this is a serious contest. AND there are some SERIOUSLY U*G*L*Y you ain't got no alibi...you UGLY...you UGLY...you UGLY! dogs in it. Archie won. and he deserved it.
Now...gotta go.
update later

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