February 12, 2007

A Valentine Ain't Nuthin' Without a Furry Chested Cupid

I've got my gorilla in a tu tu suit ready and waiting. Last night Mark and I watched King Kong. No...this isn't about some kinky sexual mating ritual...although...hmmmm
Anyway...we've got a ton of orders for large decorated sugar cookies to be made, personalized and delivered on Valentines day...by a gorilla in a tutu.
...if only I could sing...the mind boggles
Other than that...it's snowing, my roof still leaks, I found a humongous, worse than our living room ceiling, leak in our rental house garage...and many, many, many ruined christmas decorations, old electronic junk...and papers upon papers...probably nothing that important...but who knows really...anyone need a big pile of paper mache'? Maybe I'll make a pina'ta shaped like my house, stuff it full of old walllpaper and ceiling tiles and shoot it with a bazooka.

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