February 24, 2007

Words and Stuff

I miss the Walt Disney World Sunday night movie and all the things related to that particular pleasure. Like the corny music and the deep, trusting voice of the narrator. A voice that seemed to be attached to an Uncle or a cousin or a Grandpa. The show Wild Kingdom was also on Sundays and I loved to curl up with a blanket and lay by the heat vent(closest thing to a fireplace at our house) and watch the adventures unfold. We usually popped popcorn (the old fahsioned way...on the stove), added butter by the stick and lots and lots of salt and we'd eat and watch tv.
I'm getting old...nostolgic even
shit...well, how can I help it. The Tv has been tuned in to ESPN, The Matrix and Pulp Fiction (which I love but am NOT in the mood for) for the last 6 hours....probably more but I got home about 6 hours ago.
Right now, I"m baking oatmeal cookies...some with chocolate chips, cereal, and some with white chocolate chips, raisins and some with all that stuff.
Our ":blizzard" is a bust. What a shock. Sometimes I think the media takes a "possible" storm and tweaks it for the economy's needs or the governments wants.
There is the possibllity that I'm not only getting nostolgic, but jaded and paranoid as well.

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