March 31, 2007

Any Moment Now

My house has been surrounded by an ambulance and police cars by the loads. It all started with a CRRRASHH noise around 1 am. I just got to sleep and woke to a loud bang. Mark thought our new porch caved in. I leaped up and looked out the window. I saw nothing...well...just a parked car. No one around. I ran downstairs and that's when I saw the parked car was parked all right...behind a group of mailboxes(actually crushed into), a crosswalk sign AND a light pole. There was no one in the car that I could see. All of a sudden there were about 5 people walking around and taking care of business., Soon the EMTs arrived. No one injured thank God. The highway was soon blocked on both sides and the side streets leading into the intersection were blocked as well. The power had to be shut down for removal of the light pole. Quite something to see AND hear someone using a chainsaw at 2 am on a light pole.
Just 2 days ago there was a loud "explosion" sound from the highway. It scared me because I was attempting to take a nap. Again, I leaped up and I noticed a trailer pulling to the side with a massive tire blowout. Soon after this I sat back down in the recliner and tried to nap. The phone rang and rang. I didn't answer. Soon, I heard our door open and it was my Mom. She was hollering and calling out for me. When I saw her she said, Oh I heard there was an explosion in your neighborhood and no one answered the phone so I wanted to come over and see if you were blown up or not.
I'm expecting Mom any moment now. If she hears about all the red lights, cops, broken glass and etc around our house she'll be here. I better get the coffee on.

March 30, 2007

Swimsuit Issue

My New Swimsuit!!
CLICK HERE! and prepare to be amazed! I am going to order one in every color. I feel the love...the modesty...the...pull of the suit...dragging me down down down under the water. HOLY SHIT how would you swim in that garb?!

March 28, 2007

I Smell

Every night after my bath I put on perfumed lotion(right now my favorite is Armani's really long lasting) and usually a couple of squirts of scent too. Some nights I layer my scents and use several differnt kinds of lotions and cremes. Why? you ask. Am I trying to seduce my hubby?
It's all part of a plan.
In case I die Mark will have my perfumed, scented night shirt to hold and smell to remember me by. That is until a couple of months have went by and he has a new "friend" and this new friend finds my smelly t-shirt negligee stuffed carelessly under a pillow where Mark secretly sniffs it and thinks with longing of me, and then this new friend stashes it in a Walmart bag and throws it into the dumpster on Sunday night because our trash is picked up early on Monday morning...oops...I got ahead of myself.

Moral of this prepared.

Long Ass Day

Worked damn hard today. I'm tired and feeling the effects of my 20 mile bike ride yesterday...not to mention the fact I've been working non stop since 530 am.
god...feels good to sit down...actually I'm laying down, on my bed with the TV on...wishing for a freak show, looking at a glass of $25 dollar wine and wondering if I'm too tired to drink it...what to do with it. Wonder if I could make a winecicle in the freezer...
my back aches and my legs ache and I'm toooooo young for that people.
Miami Ink is on.
I wonder what tattoo I would get if I would get one. a guy is getting a tattoo of his DOGS NAME across his chest.
dumb ass

March 26, 2007

20 Miles and some

Really had first ride of the season today. Yesterday didn't count. Yesterday, Cindy and I went for a ride and I was winded before I got out of town. I just couldn't seem to get my air. Short of breath and sounded like a locomotive. Finally I stopped Cindy and told her to go on...I had to turn around. I sucked and snorted and heaved my way home. All the while saying to myself...I'm done now...just done and that's the end of more biking...I'm a big lard o and too big a girl to be on a bike. Done!
When I got off my bike and took it inside I noticed something.
back tire was flat as a freckle...also
the brake was rubbing so hard against the wheel that the wheel couldn't even turn.


So...Cindy took the bike home and Kurt fixed her up again...and we took off today after lunch. We had a bit of a tail wind from the north west which was nice. But we knew the ride back would be tough. I always hate a side wind. We made it and I do feel tired. Work tomorrow...who knows when the next ride is.

March 23, 2007

Counterproductive Growth

I think my face is growing.
I mean I've got this "twist" to my whole entire face!
As if I don't have enough problems with my face...not to mention my ass.

March 22, 2007

It's Just Like BUTTAH Here!

My newly repaired walls and ceiling are getting a paint job! I have to say my ceiling looks like...BUTTER! I can't remember the real name of the color but it looks like butter. My entryway "short wall" has just a bit of paint on and that looks like a warm oak color. I picked another color for most of the walls. It's exactly one step inbetween the other two colors. All in the fart brown shade.
I cannot wait until it's done. I'm SO sick of having all my furniture and other crap shoved into the other rooms. Everything is a freaking mess! I'm getting to the point where I am so ready to be done that I almost picked through the paint buckets tonight and started to work. If I had access to the brushes this bitch would be painting til the break of dawn!

It's What's For Dinner Tonight!


March 21, 2007

Anorexia the biggest issue now.

Main problem is related to hyperparathyroidism at this time. Dad does not want the surgery needed to take out the overactive glands. This leads to his having hypercalcemia. This leads to him taking IV Zymeta every 3 weeks. The IV Zymeta is given to lower the high levels of calcium in his blood. The high levels of calcium can lead to some real life threatening issues. The Oncologist assures us that the side effects Dad has are related to high levels of calcium...NOT the Zymeta infusion. Nor does the Dr think that Dad's cancer has returned, yet. He seems to think it will be back though he doesn't say when or where. So...Dad weighs around 144 now, he is anorexic, food makes him absolutely sick when he thinks of it. We are dosing him with BOOST PLUS HIGH PROTEIN, Shakes, Smoothies...tying for frequent small meals throughout the day...whavever he will take. He gets out about once a day now...but for awhile...right after his last check u, there was about a month he didn't get out at all. His edema is controlled now. His breathing seems okay with dyspnea upon exertion but no need for oxygen. He occasionally uses a TJN treatment of Albuterol. He is to receive Zymeta every three weeks now. Nothing else on the agenda really.

You Are Getting Sleepy...You Are Getting Sleepy

I've just been trying to hypnotize myself by staring at my computer. I downloaded this swirly black and white twirly looking thing awhile ago and made it our desktop picture. I was just sitting here, staring intensly and slightly moving my head a bit forward and backward will lose will lose will lose weight...and it was going well. I kind of felt myself falling into a stupified state even. Until...the granola bar(sweet and salty...kind of like a salted nut roll...mnmmmmm!) I was eating slipped and part of it fell onto the floor and Pissin' Petie raced over and ATE IT! damn and I was soooo feeling the burn...

March 20, 2007

Guess What I'm Doing Right Now...

...and it doesn't involve coffee either!! hahahahaha!!'s a sad state affairs when a glass of wine makes you wanna crawl into bed and SLEEP...I mean what's the whole point of inebriation if not to...break down barriers...juice one up...make one horny...well...DON'T ASK ME..hic!! I'm tired dammit pass the chips!

March 18, 2007

Seeds of all Sorts

I ordered some native Nebraskan wildflower seeds today. I think it will be pretty if I can get them started. I'm ready to get into the dirt and start digging, planting, sneezing, coughing, snotting, hacking etc.
Today Alec is 13.
My baby is 13.
Good grief it just seems like yesterday he was born...WAIT A cotton pickin' MINUTE!...NOT REALLY!! HELLS BELLS!!! I feel like I've aged 23 years since he's been born...who am I KIDDING!!??
Anyway, life hasn't been boring with my brood that's for sure. From tumors to tattoos it's been a wild ride and I have to say I look forward to every day. I sometimes fear what the day might bring...but I still look forward to them.

Ode To Cabin Fever aka band hubby sings in

Mark is a rock star.
I must be a groupie then.
Light a match and stuff!

March 16, 2007

WOW what a Difference !!

If only I could have kept the blue mouth guard in my mouth for 5 minutes. Shortly after the "mouth guard" picture I was gagging and spitting that thing across the room.
Yup...only made it 4 minutes and 23 seconds.
AND this is the 3rd time I've done that.

March 15, 2007

I Could Be A Pack Mule

No...that doesn't mean I'm packin' ASS that I mention it I think there is something VERY LARGE follwing me around all the time!
I worked all night at the coffee shop/pharmacy, cleaning, marking things, rearranging things (cuz if you cant rearrange your life...rearrange your furniture), moving, dusting, mopping, mixing, experimenting yadaa yadaa yadahh THEN, after meeting with a salesmen(the CYSCO kid) I went to mom and dads and SUDDENLY was tired. I don't know why...maybe 24 hours without sleep is bad. Anyway...I laid down in the guest bedroom and was instantly asleep for 2 - 3 hours. Afterwards, I went outside and made stacks of sticks. The sticks were more like log cabin sized log like sticks. In fact...I wish I would have laid out the foundation of a log cabin. Lord knows I had the material to do so. I built about 7 or 8 humongous piles of broken tree limbs all around the perimeter of the house. I also saw...deer spore in multiple grassy areas, the totally eaten free of any meat, feathers or skin at all breastbone of some type of bird...still red even, but not dripping,, tracks of a wild hyena OR Petie, one new looking golfball, one slightly used baseball, one steel wedge shaped tool used for chopping trees down (I think), one Walmart sack (empty), one empty dog house, one slightly bent wire fence, one large loop of barbed wire fencing, one hell of a freaking mess. I jaw actually dropped down and I tripped over it when I finally got through the "forrest: of felled trees to the what once was an open field behind mom and dad's house. Sadly, there were tree's, branches and loads of bark from the tree's fallen acorss the field. Whole trees even. I moved as many limbs as I could...but...the tree's were too much.
What a MESS it was enough to shut my mouth even.
I was totally stupified.
dumbFounded even
god...what a mess.
later on this same evening...I went to take a bath and hot water. Sad really...especially since I had hair dye on my head and had almost totally immersed into the freezing water.
god...what a misery. hair isn't totally gray now...OR IS IT??

March 12, 2007

We Are Home With Achievements In Hand

prom dress...DONE...but almost forgot it in the motel room
shoes for the prom dress...DONE ...but not the shoes that I LOVED and totally matched her dress!!
accessories for the prom dress...DONE...ehhhh
Katie's testing for Chemistry, English and Spanish...DONE...forgot her calculator...shit
tour of UNO Sports Medicine general studies area...DONE...although I was the only one doing the talking
tour of student housing at UNO...DONE by drive a FAST RATE OF SPEED I MIGHT ADD!
Katie practiced driving in Omaha...DONE...though not forgotten...HOLY SHIT stay in your lane!! Watch out for THAT..!!! SEAT BELT SEAT BELT SEAT BELT!! FASTER!! SLOWER!!! Put down the cell phone!! AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! POTHOLE POTHOLE...!!! GUTTER GUTTER!!!
laser tag prowess achieved by the boys and one big big boy
kids attended a PLAIN WHITE T'S concert...a first for all of them and although we threatened to attend...we didn't...ahhhh but we are aging...we regaled the youngsters with memories of our concert attending days...most recently PRINCE (much to the embaressment of our chillens)
birthday present for Alec (13 on March 18th) bought and hidden

March 07, 2007

Pass Me A Swisher Sweetie

I raked out my herb, garden and flower beds today. The weather was glorious!! The sun felt good and there was a bit of a breeze. If only there wasn't soo much snow in my backyard right by my clothesline!! I bet by tomorrow there won't be much left. The only thing I don't look forward to is the impending allergy season. I started my anit-sneezy, anti-snorty meds today. The memory of riding my bike and sneezing until I almost puke is still vivid. Of course I could just smoke a cigar. My sources inform me this is the cure all for allergies! I can see it on a bike with a stogey...

Watch THIS

March 06, 2007

Take Your Pick

Chewing nails, being a's nice to be good at something.

March 04, 2007

I Need To Get Out More Often

I slept so well last night(2am-7am) that when I woke up I felt like a tampon commercial!!!
got the new curtains hung up in the coffee shop.
got heartburn
cleaned the parrot cage
almost killed the parrot because he CAN'T SHUT UP CAN'T SHUT UP CAN'T SHUT UP
decorated the pharmacy "ledge" for Easter/Spring
yes...I skipped over St Patricks day
chewed my nails to the last bit of nail until they HURT even...damn damn damn...I hate that!!
wished for thinness and sleek locks
looked at the sports illustrated swim suit edition by accident and wanted to PUKE!!!!!
especially after catching a glimpse of my large ass can in the window pane
watched American Idol rewind and agreed with Simon almost every time
started watching the Lost Tombs of Jesus and then watched Spy on the Wildabeest instead
remembered that I missed the lunar eclipse last night...DAMN!
Well...I'm sick of this list

March 01, 2007

Now For Something Weird!

like it isn't always weird here...
anywayy...I went into the bathroom, to take a bath and of course while I was running the water I was scrubbing the floor with Mark's drying towel. I hate hairs in the corners...don't you? And I just happened to notice what looked like a beer top laying by the overflowing trash can. I thought, "Hey! I haven't had a beer in here for EVER!" Then I thought..."HEY! who the hell's been drinking my beer??" and then I thought..."MARK!...then...nooooo....he doesn't take baths and he probably wouldn't drink beer in the shower...that leaves...ALEC! nooooo....he might want to try a beer but I don't think he is that keen on bathing sooo...ANDREW!! Yes, there may be my beer top popper...except...he has been trying to be on his VERY BEST because I'm sure he wants something...soooo...ah HA...KATIE!! Except I don't think she'd be dumb enough to leave evidence...only 2 last resorts....Pissin Petie or Pickles...the CAT!

All these thought ran through my mind even as I stooped to pick up the bottle top. Just as I nabbed it, brought it up to look at...I dropped the damn thing...straight into the terlet. plop it went like a tiny turd. AGHHHHHHHHH I got the toilet brush and tried to get the cap out...without luck, I turned the handle over and poked and prodded until finally I got it close enough I could reach in with my fingertips and pick it out!!
Yes by gosh it WAS a BEER cap...a ROOT BEER CAP!!!! much for my idea of Pickles our cat getting "Pickled" or the reasoning behind Pissin Pete's name...