March 31, 2007

Any Moment Now

My house has been surrounded by an ambulance and police cars by the loads. It all started with a CRRRASHH noise around 1 am. I just got to sleep and woke to a loud bang. Mark thought our new porch caved in. I leaped up and looked out the window. I saw nothing...well...just a parked car. No one around. I ran downstairs and that's when I saw the parked car was parked all right...behind a group of mailboxes(actually crushed into), a crosswalk sign AND a light pole. There was no one in the car that I could see. All of a sudden there were about 5 people walking around and taking care of business., Soon the EMTs arrived. No one injured thank God. The highway was soon blocked on both sides and the side streets leading into the intersection were blocked as well. The power had to be shut down for removal of the light pole. Quite something to see AND hear someone using a chainsaw at 2 am on a light pole.
Just 2 days ago there was a loud "explosion" sound from the highway. It scared me because I was attempting to take a nap. Again, I leaped up and I noticed a trailer pulling to the side with a massive tire blowout. Soon after this I sat back down in the recliner and tried to nap. The phone rang and rang. I didn't answer. Soon, I heard our door open and it was my Mom. She was hollering and calling out for me. When I saw her she said, Oh I heard there was an explosion in your neighborhood and no one answered the phone so I wanted to come over and see if you were blown up or not.
I'm expecting Mom any moment now. If she hears about all the red lights, cops, broken glass and etc around our house she'll be here. I better get the coffee on.

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Molly said...

Don't you just love waking up in a panic? Really gets the heart pumping.