March 15, 2007

I Could Be A Pack Mule

No...that doesn't mean I'm packin' ASS that I mention it I think there is something VERY LARGE follwing me around all the time!
I worked all night at the coffee shop/pharmacy, cleaning, marking things, rearranging things (cuz if you cant rearrange your life...rearrange your furniture), moving, dusting, mopping, mixing, experimenting yadaa yadaa yadahh THEN, after meeting with a salesmen(the CYSCO kid) I went to mom and dads and SUDDENLY was tired. I don't know why...maybe 24 hours without sleep is bad. Anyway...I laid down in the guest bedroom and was instantly asleep for 2 - 3 hours. Afterwards, I went outside and made stacks of sticks. The sticks were more like log cabin sized log like sticks. In fact...I wish I would have laid out the foundation of a log cabin. Lord knows I had the material to do so. I built about 7 or 8 humongous piles of broken tree limbs all around the perimeter of the house. I also saw...deer spore in multiple grassy areas, the totally eaten free of any meat, feathers or skin at all breastbone of some type of bird...still red even, but not dripping,, tracks of a wild hyena OR Petie, one new looking golfball, one slightly used baseball, one steel wedge shaped tool used for chopping trees down (I think), one Walmart sack (empty), one empty dog house, one slightly bent wire fence, one large loop of barbed wire fencing, one hell of a freaking mess. I jaw actually dropped down and I tripped over it when I finally got through the "forrest: of felled trees to the what once was an open field behind mom and dad's house. Sadly, there were tree's, branches and loads of bark from the tree's fallen acorss the field. Whole trees even. I moved as many limbs as I could...but...the tree's were too much.
What a MESS it was enough to shut my mouth even.
I was totally stupified.
dumbFounded even
god...what a mess.
later on this same evening...I went to take a bath and hot water. Sad really...especially since I had hair dye on my head and had almost totally immersed into the freezing water.
god...what a misery. hair isn't totally gray now...OR IS IT??

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