March 04, 2007

I Need To Get Out More Often

I slept so well last night(2am-7am) that when I woke up I felt like a tampon commercial!!!
got the new curtains hung up in the coffee shop.
got heartburn
cleaned the parrot cage
almost killed the parrot because he CAN'T SHUT UP CAN'T SHUT UP CAN'T SHUT UP
decorated the pharmacy "ledge" for Easter/Spring
yes...I skipped over St Patricks day
chewed my nails to the last bit of nail until they HURT even...damn damn damn...I hate that!!
wished for thinness and sleek locks
looked at the sports illustrated swim suit edition by accident and wanted to PUKE!!!!!
especially after catching a glimpse of my large ass can in the window pane
watched American Idol rewind and agreed with Simon almost every time
started watching the Lost Tombs of Jesus and then watched Spy on the Wildabeest instead
remembered that I missed the lunar eclipse last night...DAMN!
Well...I'm sick of this list

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