March 28, 2007

I Smell

Every night after my bath I put on perfumed lotion(right now my favorite is Armani's really long lasting) and usually a couple of squirts of scent too. Some nights I layer my scents and use several differnt kinds of lotions and cremes. Why? you ask. Am I trying to seduce my hubby?
It's all part of a plan.
In case I die Mark will have my perfumed, scented night shirt to hold and smell to remember me by. That is until a couple of months have went by and he has a new "friend" and this new friend finds my smelly t-shirt negligee stuffed carelessly under a pillow where Mark secretly sniffs it and thinks with longing of me, and then this new friend stashes it in a Walmart bag and throws it into the dumpster on Sunday night because our trash is picked up early on Monday morning...oops...I got ahead of myself.

Moral of this prepared.

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