March 28, 2007

Long Ass Day

Worked damn hard today. I'm tired and feeling the effects of my 20 mile bike ride yesterday...not to mention the fact I've been working non stop since 530 am.
god...feels good to sit down...actually I'm laying down, on my bed with the TV on...wishing for a freak show, looking at a glass of $25 dollar wine and wondering if I'm too tired to drink it...what to do with it. Wonder if I could make a winecicle in the freezer...
my back aches and my legs ache and I'm toooooo young for that people.
Miami Ink is on.
I wonder what tattoo I would get if I would get one. a guy is getting a tattoo of his DOGS NAME across his chest.
dumb ass

1 comment:

Molly said...

$25 wine! I think you totally deserve it. Swirl it in the glass and then hold it on your tongue. I hope it takes the aches away.