March 01, 2007

Now For Something Weird!

like it isn't always weird here...
anywayy...I went into the bathroom, to take a bath and of course while I was running the water I was scrubbing the floor with Mark's drying towel. I hate hairs in the corners...don't you? And I just happened to notice what looked like a beer top laying by the overflowing trash can. I thought, "Hey! I haven't had a beer in here for EVER!" Then I thought..."HEY! who the hell's been drinking my beer??" and then I thought..."MARK!...then...nooooo....he doesn't take baths and he probably wouldn't drink beer in the shower...that leaves...ALEC! nooooo....he might want to try a beer but I don't think he is that keen on bathing sooo...ANDREW!! Yes, there may be my beer top popper...except...he has been trying to be on his VERY BEST because I'm sure he wants something...soooo...ah HA...KATIE!! Except I don't think she'd be dumb enough to leave evidence...only 2 last resorts....Pissin Petie or Pickles...the CAT!

All these thought ran through my mind even as I stooped to pick up the bottle top. Just as I nabbed it, brought it up to look at...I dropped the damn thing...straight into the terlet. plop it went like a tiny turd. AGHHHHHHHHH I got the toilet brush and tried to get the cap out...without luck, I turned the handle over and poked and prodded until finally I got it close enough I could reach in with my fingertips and pick it out!!
Yes by gosh it WAS a BEER cap...a ROOT BEER CAP!!!! much for my idea of Pickles our cat getting "Pickled" or the reasoning behind Pissin Pete's name...

1 comment:

Molly said...

Whew! That was a close call all the way around, especially about it NOT being one of your beers!
But, if I'm ever up in Nebraska I'll buy you a beer! K?