March 18, 2007

Seeds of all Sorts

I ordered some native Nebraskan wildflower seeds today. I think it will be pretty if I can get them started. I'm ready to get into the dirt and start digging, planting, sneezing, coughing, snotting, hacking etc.
Today Alec is 13.
My baby is 13.
Good grief it just seems like yesterday he was born...WAIT A cotton pickin' MINUTE!...NOT REALLY!! HELLS BELLS!!! I feel like I've aged 23 years since he's been born...who am I KIDDING!!??
Anyway, life hasn't been boring with my brood that's for sure. From tumors to tattoos it's been a wild ride and I have to say I look forward to every day. I sometimes fear what the day might bring...but I still look forward to them.

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