April 29, 2007

Not Enough Hours In A Weekend

I worked my ass off today. First I got the roll order ready (8 dozen assorted cinnamon rolls etc...) to be picked up my 8, then I made breakfast sandwiches for the whole fam damily and delivered them. Rode my bike to mom and dads to drop off their sandwiches, went home and I turned my dinky garden soil over with a shovel, dug up a new area for my onions, mowed the lawn in back, cleaned the damn stinking pond, picked farking weeds, swept the damn garage...again, washed clothes, hung them on the line, vacuumed, dusted, mopped the floors, thought about drinking beer but it was only 1pm. Made lunch, called mom, spray painted some hardware for my cupboard doors which NEED TO BE PUT BACK ON MARK!!!!~!~, moved my old swing, picked dandelions from between bricks, got Katie to go get 5 bags of cedar mulch (she a strong girl), I then replaced some of the mulch from last year with the fresh smelling new stuff, ate 5 sweet tarts, made Alec take out the trash, Andrew mow, took mom and dad a coke with ice, noticed dad has a bad loose cough now, got him some medicine, thought about life and how short it is, thought about how stressed out we are and how unhappy our home has been lately, talked with mom, went home, talked with Katie, Mark, the boys, tried to be upbeat and not tired, took a bath and then noticed everyone was GONE...baseball practice, swing choir singing (which I MISSED because I do not know ANYTHING!!!), planted onions, called mom again, checked my periannuals, watered them, laid down for a bit, did dishes, decided to make CRAB LEGS on the grill and we gorged, washed more farking dishes, thought about how much work there was to do for graduation (2 WEEKS PEOPLE!!!), drank a beer and wished for more. I'm sure there was more but who really gives A RATS ASS!!!


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