May 15, 2007

1 Down 2 to Go

Three to get ready ... go ...go ...pbbbbhhhhbbbbblaaahhhhttttt
Katie graduated on Saturday. Afterward we "recepted" until 1 a.m. ish. We had BBQ hawg wings, homemade rolls, mom's macaroni salad, Aunt Joyces potato salad, cookies, white cake and chocolate cake, spaghettio's, punch and laffy taffy on every table! I ordered my outfit online and henceforth it shall be known as a Larry, Mo and Curly production dress. Spring green jacket with black piping, black flouncy hem skirt with the same spring green flowers and only 2 other people had the same outfit on...and only one of them had a daughter graduating too...and only one of them entered the door at the SAME TIME AS ME!! We would have made nice bookends...anyway
Mark's sisters all made it down and his mom. I only wish they could have stayed longer. We barely got to visit.

I feel pretty much drained and head achey yet...and school is out tomorrow.

I can see the summer smiling like an apple cheeked Dennis the Menace...sigh

1 comment:

Molly said...

It's nice to have one down and still have 2 to keep you on your toes.

oh, spaghettios? Why?