May 28, 2007

Pontoon Dreams

I feel extra super dooper fat and I feel kind of horny. The two should NOT be linked together in one sentence I'm sure. I also feel tired. I think that "tired" will win over horny, and well, fat, of course, WINS WINS WINS everytime...bas turd...
In other news...I just watched Penn and Teller and felt for the first time that they were putting on a skit. The show was about anger management and although some of their show appeared to be based on true interviews...there was one "interviewee" that seemed too dorky to be true. Sort of like a Saturday Night live skit character. That PISSED me off!! If they've run out of ideas to bitch about then they should QUIT! More fake bullshit we DO NOT NEED!
Does it sound as if I need anger management??
tuff shit
Well, the "holiday" weekend is over. What holiday? I did not go out to the lake and eat burned hot dogs and sandy burgers. I did not get mosquito bit and sunburned. I do not have aching leg muscles from skiing or wind burn from tubing. I did not catch fish or hook a worm or wade in the shallow banks in the mud and feel minnows nibble my toes. Nope...I stayed at home, for the most part alone, and cleaned at moms and put on their screens and watered my flowers and chewed gum and made suppers that no one ate. I thought about Colorado and the mountains and pontoon boats and fresh fish and baked potatos. Mark played with the band on Saturday night in McCook at the lake and I didn't go. I was too damn tired. I guess I should have gone just to say I did something. I mean who dosn't want to go somewhere and sit alone and drink beer by themselves?? OR...better yet...with a bunch of drunk people?? Oh know I LOVE that!! yayyyyyyyyy
I wondered why we never go anywhere together or do anything together but go to "games" and work.
I thought about cleaning and said FUCK IT. Fuckity fuck FUCK IT!!!!
How about that for some foul mouthed talking??
Pretty tame according to how I feel like talking.
Must be the weather...baramoter dropping or something like that...sighhhhh AND NO I'M NOT SUFFERING FROM PMS! Probably good that I'm not...

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