May 26, 2007

Where are my kids when I need them??

I just spent 40 minutes trying to get my DVD player to play a DVD. We have 3 remote controls, two of which I could find. One, in the bottom of our living room chair, the other up in our bedroom. Finally I got the movie to play, but it was all in black and white. Also...the sound was for shit. Soooooo...I pushed all 45 buttons on the two remote controls, opened the DVD player several times, fiddle dicked around with all the controls, cursed the fact that, although I had the whole house to myself, I could not even watch a frickin' movie without the kids here to run the gadgets. I finally turned on a light, moved the TV a bit, looked at the octopus of wires in the back of the tube, and unplugged and replugged them and changed them around and WAA LAHHHH! JACK POT! I'm not even sure I want to watch a movie now...

1 comment:

Molly said...

Maybe your kids need cell phones for such 911's as that. My husband has called me across the country for VCR help.
I'm glad you got it fixed.