June 07, 2007

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of . . . burrrp...

Imagine, if you will, a dirt road hedged in by waving wheat and the lush green of brougham grass. The meadowlark is chirrupping, the red headed woodpecker is preening and occasionally pecking, the wind is shushhing through the fields. A big golden dog is paddling through the standing ditch water looking for...a pheasant?? All is pure nature in harmony...until...you see these strange tracks waddling though the dirt. They are sort of sprawled out and wavering, you hear cackling and it isn't from hens. You smell...hmmmmm...beer...??!...odd...beer??
Hell YAAA...it's Cindy Sue, her demon dog Annie and me going for a nature walk!!
Who says walking has to be all about burrning calories and exercising. Let's say that walking CAN be just for...well, walking, talking and soaking up nature...AND maybe getting soaked!! hee hee

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