June 15, 2007

My Dad Had Cancer

but no more. Dad died this morning, June 14th after we brought him to the hospital early last evening. I thank God he didn't have to stay longer than that, or have to be sent to the nursing home, or suffer any longer than he did. God...it's been a long 2 years for him, for mom, for all of us. The funeral is on Tuesday morning. There was already a funeral scheduled for monday.
Right after Mom and I got home from the hospital today. I pulled the car into the garage and as we got out a hunting dog came running up to us and greeted us botha nd then...took off. I said, "That's Dad!", because I felt like it was Dad telling us he was fine now. I really really felt that.
I'm too tired to write more....

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Molly said...

I'm so sorry Sheryl.