June 19, 2007

Rest in Peace Dad

I've often second guessed myself these past few days. Like...should we have put Dad into the hospital sooner? Should we have went back to the Oncologist after getting the "bad" PET scan report? Should I have hidden the fact, from Dad, that the scan showed "activity in the area of the left rib cage, and showed several other new growths, one pressing against the vital carotid? Most days I say, we did the right thing. Dad stayed home all the days of his life except when he absolutely couldn't get up without much much much more help than I could give. Just last Saturday, me, Mom and Dad sat outside his house, I lit a fire in their mainly unused chiimarree, and we got to enjoy the fire, the outdoors, the bird songs, the gentle breeze, the fact that we were NOT in the hospital or nursing home. Sunday, we did much the same...and Dad wanted a ride in my little bug. I complied of course...no whiplash at all! I stayed all night from that night on. Tht was the last day that Dad went anywhere. Monday, not only was Dad unable to talk, he didn't want go to the hospital for his zymeta or even have the bloodwork done. He needed help to get off the couch. He ate nothing. that's when we got the wheelchair, commode and aafter discussion, determined we would stay home as long as Dad had no pain and I could still get him up with stand by assistance from Mom. Dad was able to say at home until Wednesday then, we went into the hospital late afternoon for bloodwork, zymeta and in our heart we knew, final admission to the hospital. Mark had to lift Dad from the wheelchair into the Durango. God, what a heartbreaking experience. Dad was in a bad way. So weak, but still no complaints. Once in the hospital bed, which I haven't seen him lay down for 1 and 1/2 years (not to mention Mom), he rapidly deteriorated. He rested finally after midnight. I went home for a few hours and when I went back, I knew it was almost over. He died Thursday morning. Thank God he didn't have to suffer anymore. Today, is the funeral. Another difficult day. But I couldn't wish him back to suffer anymore


phx said...

You are a brave, brave woman. I hope when my time comes I can be as strong and as wonderful as you were.

Anonymous said...


I've been lurking around your blog(spot) for a couple of years, enjoying your candid and hilarious take on your world. When you first posted your Dad's illness, I became more involved emotionally, as I've been watching my parent's health deteriorate as well as my friend's parents. As "phx" put it, you are a very brave woman and more importantly, a very brave daughter. Your father was very fortunate to have such a wonderful daughter as you to help him through his last days.
Thank you for sharing your life. One day when I'm passing through Nebraska, I will look you up!

-Lisa, from South Dakota.