July 19, 2007

Burn Baybe Burn

Well, the other day I burned myself. Yes, cooking and fixing something. yup Thass right. The first burn...I say first because there is a second. The first was a ahem..curling iron burn. sssigh...yes...I dropped the damn curling iron right onto my forearm where it settled in for the stay. Embarassing really. Especially since my hair doesn't really respond to curling irons anyway....and NO I DID NOT FLUSH IT DOWN THE DAMN TOILET! geeze The second burn came later on that same day. I touched my forearm to the edge of piping hot just out of the oven baking pan.
Now, I had to cover them up because I look sortta like a leper. After I got home today, took the bandage off and took a good look I thought...uh oh me thinks there is a red streak going down or up my arm. sheeeittt. Exsqueeze me while I get me sum medicine.

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