July 02, 2007

Dally Awhile Summer

Well, it's July already and that really freaks me out. Time is flying like a rocket...sayyyy...that for some reason reminded me of...The Reading Rocket...remember that show?? Probably not. I'm probably the only one who watched that STUPID show and filled out the notebook (membership to the reading rocket club had such perks!)and spent my summer studying down in our basement while my babysitter rode a rocket of a different sort upstairs. gasp She often had her boyfriend over while I toiled over my book and ate cold ravioli from the can.
God...I remember so many fun things about my childhood summers. My cousin and i camped outside almost every night. We made a tent out of all the blankets in our house and pinned them to our clothesline. Since we lived right next to the railroad tracks the midnight freight and 4am Amtrak were a lovely wake up call. But who slept when you camped out? Not us. We caught fireflies and jarred them up to make our lanterns, we pretended we were statues out in our front lawn, we watched The Goodies, Monty Python, Saturday Night Live and we ate buttered, salted popcorn and drank Pepsi straight from the can. I always lit fires and we cooked soup in a Folgers can (for my dog). During the days when we weren't at the pool or playing softball we had lemonade stands and earned money for firecrackers. We pretended we were Mexican and spoke a kind of pig Latin Spanish that no one understood {not to mention us} as we biked around the town. No one worried when we were tearing around playing hide and go seek in the night. No one worried we were getting snake bit or breaking our bones when we went traipsing through the north pastures and we could come and go to the creek with or without our horse without a worry. We never had a misfortune befall us and maybe we just lucked out. Oh, did we have fun. I can only hope my kids have as much fun as I did when I was young. I can probably only wish that they would do those simple things that my cousing and I did too...sigh...still and all I really wish summer would linger longer this year.

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Molly said...

Good post! Summer memories are the best. So much imagination.