July 26, 2007

Dash Blog Loves Alice!

Did you ever...wonder...about...The male hot spot - and want to learn how to massage the prostate??
OR have you ever said (out loud or in your head)...The Clitoris — Where is it? Why Doesn't it Work?
Have you ever had sexual questions like this one...Virgin wonders,"Will it ever be good for me?"...or in my case...41 year wonders, "Will it ever be good for me?"...hee hee
Are you ready for phone sex but you just don't how to get it started??
Well, I can tell you that if you ever worried about whether or not "chunky semen" is normal (surprise...it's not), or whether sucking nitrous oxide is safer from balloons or canisters...(surprise...neither is safe)...my favorite line from this article is "a laughing gas high isn't all shits and giggles" hee hee hee...sounds like my job! Or even if you want info about "backne", which means...back acne. Than this is the website for you! No not dash blog...GO ASK ALICE., a web site through Columbia University

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Molly said...

Damn good site! Thanks.