July 04, 2007

Death Row Ribs but I forgot the PRISON WINE!

Well, it's the fourth of July and I haven't even been to the fireworks stand. Instead, I made BBQ sauce for ribs that KICKS ASS. I found a recipe called something like...Death Row Bourbon Sauce and after making it this morning I can honestly say I love it so much I want to eat it on cereal. Of course it has bourbon in it and NO I did not even have one nip. Not after last night. ha ha We went out to celebrate a birthday with some friends last night. Actually cousins...Cindy and Shelly and the birthday girl...Kristy and her friend Lisa. The bar was smoky, hot and actually pretty full of other local drinkers celebrators. Mark and I don't go there too much because frankly I am a wuss when it comes to smoke anymore. I can't stand it. But it was fun to go out for once and I drank FAT TIRE beers in bottles...because you just never know how clean a glass is...do you?? The birthday girl had many many many "shots" which come in huge glasses...not shot glasses...and the rest had beer, pop and some ate a mighty fine looking pizza. The night also involved a "fake bird" attached by a wire to the birthday girls shirt, a song called "There's a skeeter on my peter Whack it off! Whack it off!**clap clap", and various other tales too tall to retell.
Well, must go...Alec tells me he can now play Mark's guitar...the intro to something or other.
Keep your sparklers pointed high and come over and taste my sauce!

note to self...must serve DEATH ROW BOURBON SAUCE RIBS with PRISON WINE next year!!

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