July 15, 2007

Pizza Dough, Callous File and The Shitter

I am making pizza dough at this very moment...in my handy dandy bread machine. I'm going to try sticking it in the fridge when it's done and making calzones or something tomorrow. Mark's mom and sister and nephew are coming for a stay. They will be here tomorrow and leave Tuesday. My house is a sty, the M.I.L. houserental is fairly clean but kind of smells like ass anyway (don't know why but I think it has something to do with a sewer pipe gagg) Speaking of which...we were having major issues with our terlet at the shop this last week. Mark talked to the plumbers, I talked to the plumbers, we talked to the plumbers and then...wah lah...when they came over with a tube to shove whatever it is that was plugging our shitter we visited again. I was much surprised when one of them came over to my desk and plopped a bright neon pink "callous file" (still in the package I might add) and said "That's it" and left. I was slightly dumbfounded. HOW THE HELL DOES MY BRAND NEW BRIGHT PINK CALLOUS FILER GET FLUSHED DOWN THE TERLET?? Not well flushed I might add. Anyway...we can now utilze the facilities. Just what you wanted to hear...right?? I can't, however...FILE MY FREAKING CALLOUS OFF!!

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