August 06, 2007


I just finished reading "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini and I loved it. Drew me in right away. I'm now reading another of his books called, "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and I love it too. The characters are easy to grasp and real.
Of course, I can't sleep. I am thinking about my Aunt Verna who died early yesterday morning. She had renal cell carcinoma of some sort. She was recovering from having her kidney removed at my dads funeral but able to drive and walk and do things on her own, and now, 7 weeks later, she is gone. I would have to say that even in my nursing career, this was one of the worst cancers I have seen. Her body became a bag of tumors. She suffered pain, nausea, shortness of breathe, and many, many, other symptoms. Bleeding, anemia, she third spaced her fluids, her tongue was sore, she could not eat and in the end, she spent a week in the hospital with pneumonia, clots in her lungs, her leg, she was bleeding inside, had an NG tube, Iv fluids, Morphine, Duragesic patches, meds for nauea, she got blood and she felt terrible.
Haunting really.
Doesn't seem like she should be gone.
Seems like this is a deadly summer. There have been many people who have died from around our community this summer. Young and old time citizens.
I am eating, of course, Asian Trail Mix...I like only the Hot Wasabi Balls and the rest tastes like hay.
I'm going to go back to reading now. Donut time is soon...shit...another day of me looking and feeling like crap because I can't sleep...

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