September 23, 2007


I'm in a stinky poo poo motel with Mark and Andrew. Tomorrow Andrew has ACL repair...hopefully without anything to the MCL or Meniscus. His surgery is at 7:30 am. Then...let the rehab begin. damn damn damn. I keep saying to myself, at least it wasn't his least he has 2 more years...but it is hard to see your kids dreams dashed. He was looking forward to wrestling and track, of course he was into football, but hopefully, with good rehab, good attitutde, he will be able to do some track this year. We'll see.
Mark just went to get some chow. GOD I hate motels. The bathroom in this one smells like a boys locker room...not that I would know...just from what I hear ** wink wink There is a tiny bed in here with 2 pillows that look like they could fit into a double A training bra. Hey Slat is some padding for yours! Maybe I'll slip them into my suitcase and give them to her for Christmas. This place is so dank and smelly I can almost see the DNA flashing about the room like a neon sign. Probably filled to the max with curly pubes and toenail jam. gag gag motel neurosis is getting worse as I age. I don't think I used to care about such things years and years ago...probably too busy leaving my own DNA to think about someone elses. Great...we are right under the staircase. Someone in logging boots and weighing in at 340 just went upstairs...
Well, I need to go now. Andrew is done with his shower and I want to talk to him. Will update later.

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