October 24, 2007

Cancer and Wine

Tonight, after 'WINE CLUB" meeting numero 1 of which I will visit about soon. I turned the tv on and was astonished to see a show called CRAZY SEXY CANCER. The girl who was the "star" met up with someone whose blog I read almost every day when my dad was sick. Erin, who works for glamour magazine and deals with her own cancer very publicly, was on this show. I felt so weird, like I knew her personally. Seemed strange. Started me thinking.
Sometimes, I feel like it's only a matter of time before I get cancer. I think, well, when I get enough sleep, when I lose enough weight, when my relationship is totally good with my kids, my husband, when my business life is balanced with my home life, when all is in place...that's when it will happen. So...maybe I'm pessimistic, maybe I'm realistic, maybe I'm going to be happy with being a tired, fat, bitch who owns a disorganized coffee shop for that reason. I don't know.

Life With Cancer

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