October 03, 2007

Snip that Sucker!

Last night around 11 pm Alec informed me through a muffled voice that he had a wire poking into his mouth that was on his very back tooth. side note...my mom took him up to the ortho yesterday and he got a few things adjusted on his braces. Anyway, I looked into his mouth and saw...rice krispies...gag and after he rinsed I saw...a wire poking directly into the ripped and shredded tissue near his molars. OH MY GOD I said, I have to do a little sugery! Alec got wide eyed but laid down and opened his mouth. I got a q-tip, sterilized my tweezers, found and cleaned, sterilized a toenail scissors (just kidding), I really just looked into his mouth and wished I had a hemastat to snap off that little damn wire. I thought a bit about calling the dentist...especially as Alec pulled out a wad of his t-shirt he had ripped off his sleeve to use as padding during the school day. I looked around for a taper candle to shove into that little space between cheek and wire...nothing...nothing...FINALLY...I remebered I had some wax that I'd used for arthritis pain on someone (probably me) and slightly warmed that and made a wad the size of a walnut and Alec shoved it in. I would call the dentist in the am and hopefully get that sucker snipped.
what next?

don't EVER EVER EVER SAY THAT...the trouble fairy will come right your way...take it from me

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