October 17, 2007

Thank You Pad O Meter!

Well, even though I'm not having a happy period or even a period now I thought I would check out the "pad o meter" to find out if I have a problem and if I did could it be identified. Because...you know...I love oracles and such. Anyway, I sent my emotional description "moody" into the "meter" and after a bit of sproinging and wheel turning out popped my diagnosis...I am not moody people...I AM FUCKING COMPLEX!...period or not! I am not whiney...I AM SELF AWARE you IDIOTS!! geeze I guess I'm not so damn bad after all. If only my kids could see me through the great and wonderful Pad O Meters eyes...sigh....they might realize what a hip, aware and cool being I am.

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Sheryl said...

I accidentely deleted comments on this entry. Damn that red wine! Sorry Molly...didn't meant to