November 05, 2007

Surgery and Tickle Tickle Tickle

Just looking at the e-mail and watching a little plastic surgery on the tube. Facial deformities, very insteresting and makes me miss nursing.
It's midnight and I need to go to bed but I don't want to. Seems like a short/long weekend as I worked every waking hour and some that should have been spent sleeping, decorating at the shop.
yup...Christmas came to Shirley K's this weekend.
I just ate a popcicle and now I'm watching a facial surgery to lengthen a jawbone of a tiny baby.
Petie is asleep on his brown blankie beside me on the couch. I'm going to tickle his hind feet hairs. He HATES that! heee hee heee
I supose this makes me an evil bitch. Oh well
so be it
night night

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