December 22, 2007

Christmas Coming

Thanksgiving gone and already Christmas in few days. Time is flying by. I have been re-reading a book that is about a woman who takes care of her dad who is dying of lung cancer. I hate it, yet I read it. Sounds true to me. Hard to take and hard to put down. In some ways it feels good to know that other people have gone through the same experiences as you have. Some comfort in that. A week ago or so, Mom made a Christmas tree for Dad's grave and we took it to the cemetary. It fits right over the vase. We also took a greenery type deer and put him there too. It's so hard to believe that Dad is dead. I have been trying to block out thoughts of his sickness because it is hard to think of him like that now. It makes me feel so very very sad. In fact I can't really write anymore now.


Sarah said...

I am so very sorry. With so many of us having lost loved ones to cancer, I sometimes wonder why we celebrate Christmas at all (I'm an atheist). Seeing other people's cheer makes me grumpy.

What is the name of that book you're reading? I'd love to pick up a copy of that.

Take care.

Sheryl said...


Elena said...

I just started reading you blog today. I was browsing around the internet in search of I-don't know what, I just wanted to stop thinking about my dad, I guess. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in November of last year. He is going through chemo now. I feel very alone. I do not speak with my husband about this too much, because I don't think he can understand. His parents are alive and healthy. I feel very angry, because my dad is a good man, and too young to die. He is a loving father and he and my mum were so happy before cancer took it all away. I am so angry that this is happening to us. When people I met were wishing me a happy 2008, I did not know whether to laugh in their faces or to cry, because I know it might be the worst year of our life.
It is such a shame, in 2008, that people have to die of cancer. All the money, all the brains wasted on so much stupid insignificant stuff.
I am sorry for the long message. I do not talk to anyone about how I feel, and sometimes I just break down.
Thanks for your blog, it helps to read what other people went through.
Thank-you, and take care.