December 14, 2007

Dickhead vrs Duckhead

Yesterday, I went online to which is a shoe place I LOVE. I ordered the exact same shoes as the one that was the subject of my previous rant. I thought. They came today. Can you believe that?! I love Zappos! Anyway, I opened the box and just then Andrew came home from practice. I showed him the box and told him the shoes arrived. His eyes got VERY wide. He tried hard not to smile. I looked down and had to say I got a chuckle. The shoes are exactly the same in every way except for the brand name. These are not FADED GLORY brand...these are...gulp...D U C K H E A D. brand. Which really isn't funny except if you kind of think...D I C K H E A D brand...which in reality is EXACTLY what happened to the previous shoes.


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