December 27, 2007

Tales of ASS & Rings of Fire!

My washing machine smells of ASS. I am SURE it's our lovely water.
Less than a month ago I took the washing machine apart and cleaned it like a dirty ear canal. I excised lumps and bumps and balls of goo. I coaxed things out of openings that should very well be left to hide.
Then I put it back together and VOILA!
MY washing machine smells like ASS...therefore my clothes smell like ASS!

In other news...for Christmas I received a trip! Me, my Mom, Cindy Sue and her Mom are going on a trip!! Guess what the "trip" is. A show called RING OF FIRE!'s not a show about hemmorhoids...I don't think. I keep trying to call Cindy Sue...but she ISN'T HOME!
GET HOME CINDY!! I need to know what we are going to see!!

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