December 19, 2007

Tiddly Notes of Non Interest

Got a new haircut/dye/eyebrow wax today after I took Alec to get his braces off. YES! No more braces! Now...Crest White Strips! Equal price I think. I got my shopping done now I need to wrap. I also need to get groceries. No cereal left. Gotta make candy and other sugar crusted goodies. Need to cut Peties toenails. I may just paint them pink. Why can't he chew his nails? That would be damn handy for me.
Not much else going on but life in the fast lane. You guys know how that is right?
I feel like watching a sad movie in the dark with nothing but Christmas lights on.

Like my hair? You should see my unibrow.


Thank you Aunt Mary for ripping off that catterpiller that was living between my eyes!

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