December 04, 2007

You're Gonna Have Pencil Envy

UPS paid a visit to my place the other day and left a brown wrapped box inside my front door. Guess what I got? I got a nice, big pencil with it's own plug in. It's quiet and prickly and my kitty cat loves to play with it. Wanna see it?

You like my prelit pencil tree?

ps...please note that these pictures were taken AFTER Cindy took me out to drink 2 beers. She MADE me drink 2 whole beers. I wanted to get a ginger ale but NOOOOOOOO she MADE ME DRINK BEER!! I guess that's why my eyes are all "starey" and stuff. if only I had hair dye!!


Krista said...

Pretty. And beer... my god what I wouldn't do for a drink right now. And every day from now till new years. I can NOT get the hang of this Christmas CHEER. There's too much stress. HOW do people enjoy this holiday? Oh dear, my rant runneth over.... first my blog, then emails, and now a blog comment.

Cicero said...

you just look festiv that's all. ;-)

2 beers? That's it, really??