December 26, 2008

Christmas Morsels

Hope you had a nice Christmas. Mine was very nice. I've been stressed about the whole deal for a month or so. I haven't been out of town (my town be very very little) for a month or so. In fact, I did all my shopping online or at my shop or at the local Duckwalls. I was very happy I was able to get Mark's gift, 2 season ticket passes for next years Creighton Bluejays Mens basketball season. He loved it too. Katie's gifts did not turn out so well. The shoes I ordered didn't fit her...sigh. It's sooooo hard to do all shopping without feeling or looking at the objects you are buying. the long run it was a nice day. Katie was only able to come back for about 12 hours. So that SUCKED. We had Christmas Eve the night of the 22nd. Soup, cheeseburgers wine...etc. It was all good. I made a small prime rib for Christmas Day and it was good.
Anywayy...the shop is closed until Monday and I'm glad. Ready for a break.
Seems I'm becoming boring and less and less prolific.
losing the energy I guess. christmas doldrums...

December 17, 2008

Cliff Notes

Been busy as most with the stuff of life. Work, kids, work, kids, games. Mark had an inquinal hernia repair and recovered well. He also had to take a IVP test, to look at the function of his kidneys and that turned out alright. Alec has been sick with the flu. Mark has had the cough. You get the idea.
I'm not at all ready for Christmas and I don't expect to be any time soon. I've ordered items online for gifts and I've not had a chance to go shopping. I'm going to stick to kind of basic need things this year. I say that now but next week on Monday I may get desperate.
I've fallen off the wagon on my diet, well, mostly my exercising. Not just because of the holidays but I injured myself. On Thanksgiving weekend I decorated the shop, and as per par, I a very high chair, twice! Anyway, I think I tore something in my knee. It doesn't seem to want to work right. I haven't went to the Dr yet because I know he will send me to the Ortho and then they will want to scope it and I will have to be on crutches and I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!! So...I won't bitch anymore about it. I did try to walk on my eliptical last went okay only.
I read a few of the Christmas letters we got and I got depressed. I got this set of vintage Christmas postcards I was going to send but when I sat down to write them...I felt like a tacky asshole. Just couldn't get the words right, too little space...too weird. I just won't send any again.
My skin is dry yet I keep growing zits. pisses me off
I'm tired. Must quit writing.

November 30, 2008

The Good The Bad The Real Bad

The Good:

Hi all.  Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  Mine was very good.  Katie and Steven came home and it was so good to see them.  Katie is good, happy and I glimpsed the girl I knew "bc" before college.  I cannot but hope though, that she returns to her studies.  What parent wants their child to work for minimum wage for their entire life.  I believe in good hard work but I also believe that you can should want to better your position and earn the right for more compensation. was good times.  We played SCRABBLE every night and that was fun even though I super suck-ed.  I am addicted to WORD SCRAMBLE on facebook.  I wish I could play it online but not on facebook but I haven't found it yet.  If you know of a link where it is please post it so I could check it out.  

The Bad:  

The shop has been closed since Thanksgiving as I always decorate and put out my Christmas retail.  It is and always has been a BITCH of a job.  Usually takes me 2-3 days of 24/7 elbow grease to complete and this is going to be no exception.  I wish Katie could have stayed and helped me.  The boys have helped a teeny tiny bit.  Mom always helps me.  Without someone to lift it is difficult to get everything done.  Takes longer.  So far...I haven't even decorated...just moved out TOO MUCH FREAKING RETAIL...OMG remind me...don't order anything ever again.  God what a mess what a freaking mess what a truly and utterly mind blowing body straining freaking MESSSSSS!!! I got that off my chest.  Today, in fact I should go soon, I must clean up and decorate the front.  I've moved everything around and need to get some peg board pegs....MENTAL NOTE TO SELF...must hang lights and then I must "un decorate" the pharmacy and then "re decorate" the "LEDGE" .  There is a large ledge above and behind the pharmacy and we always decorate it for the holidays.  When I say "we" I mean me.  

The Real Bad:  

AGHHHHHhhhhhh....must go.

November 24, 2008

Ode To Brian and Michael and Piss Off To Remakes!

A night for watching old movies and wishing to eat sick buttered popcorn with salt and cheese and drinking beer until I buzz, my faithful dog Petey by my side.  

aah well

at least Petey is here...and "Brian's Song" is on.  Sadly, the popcorn is on the back burner not because I don't have it because the damn hulls get behind my bridge and oh yeah...I'M ON A FREAKING DIET!!!  and I'M AT A PLATEAU!  My son explained this to me and that I needed to "up my exercise" and "take in less calories" as I rolled my eyes and  muttered things like "shut up" and "thank you Mr. Know It All" and "Bite Me!".  

Of course, the movie is a remake.  I can't believe they even thought they had to remake Brian's Song.  I did learn something tonight.  Brian's buddy Gale was from Omaha Central, Nebraska.  


I liked the "real" movie better.  Remakes generally suck.

Mark is doing well.  He had a right inguinal hernia repair on Thursday and is recovering well.  It will be a long road I think.  Mark seems to think he can go to work tomorrow.   I hate to think of it.  He has 14 staples across his groin.  And has to walk holding his crotch like Michael Jackson.  All he needs to do is shriek and do a moon walk.  I bet he lasts 2 hours at the most...and that is 2 hours too many in my opinion.  

Anyway, I need to go to bed.

November 20, 2008

Parenting Blues

I can't get over the fact that our daughter told us she didn't want to go back to college this last weekend.  She is a sophomore.  She is studying El Ed I believe.  If, in fact, she is even going to classes.  Last year she studied Sports Medicine, became disillusioned with that, changed to El Ed and now this.   She just want to work at Chuckie Cheese.  I asked her, "For the rest of your life?".  To which she replied, "Right now at least!".  



I just can't get over what a waste of her brain.  god, I just think her talents would be soRaising  much better used elsewhere.  I know she is a hard worker.  She has always been able to work her ass off and function.  But I absolutely hate to see her give up a chance at a career for this.  Plus the fact she is a manager and makes CRAP for wages and just, stays there.

I don't know what Mark and I did wrong.  We seem to have done something to alienate her, push her away, make her want nothing like the life we tried to give her.  

nothing from us

She says

We have been helping her with rent, phone etc.  Now that will stop.  She wants to do it on her own.  And she will be.   I hope she can make enough to pay her bills.    Now that she will no longer be a student we will have to get her another health insurance policy.  shit



If we left that up to her she probably wouldn't get any.  Also, she has a high risk auto insurance and we will pay that because she probably would go without.  Other than that...she's gonna do it.  Her student loans will come due if she is out of add that onto the pile.  

She moved in with her boyfriend, whom I like very much.  The apartment is safe, warm, small and cute.  I am pleased she is there and not the edge of the ghetto where she was.  

pleased with the safety issue at least.

One only wants their child to be safe, warm, happy and productive.  I worry about the productive part now.  


and I wonder if she thinks or cares about us at all...

November 13, 2008

Beer Babble

Weigh in is tomorrow but I'm sitting here, watching BIG MEDICINE, and drinking beer.  I did great today.  Ate salad, worked out hard but it comes down to this.  I like to eat snacks and drink a beer at night.  I haven't eaten anything bad tonight but I'm sure not drinking a light beer...or for that matter...water.  I cannot even control myself when watching BIG MEDICINE.  You think that would inspire me.  I'm actually watching a surgery on a woman that weights 529 pounds.  He stomach cavity is covered in yellow fat.  sick  GOD I MISS WORKING IN SURGERY!!!  I love wounds and surgery and you all know that.  I really miss the "nurse" part of my life.  

I guess we are going to Omaha to watch our Trojan girls play in the State Volleyball Tournament.  They won today and play tomorrow night.  If they win that game they are in the championship.  They are talented and should do well.  The boys are already up there.  We will see Katie and help her move some stuff out of her old apartment into her boyfriends.  Yes...she is going to be living with him.  I really like him and I like the fact that his neighborhood is much safer than where she was living.  He seems very nice, and too quiet.  When Katie was just a little tiny girl, 2 months old, she whistled.  She babbled and sang and talked to herself very early.   She entertained herself so very easily.  We called her the "Singing Bush" because she babbled non stop, just like the "singing bush" in " THE THREE AMIGOS!".  

 I wonder about her quiet boyfriend.  She says he gabs a lot once you get to know him.  They will be coming back for Thanksgiving and I'm excited.  I hope we get a chance to visit a little.  I miss my girl.

sigh...getting sentimental.  mental  lonely for my kids.

November 09, 2008


I had to "utilize the facilities" at my Moms house last night. What a pleasant strange surprise.

Newsflash...someone makes toliet paper to thick you could use it for a sheet on a bed.  No Sheet!  I almost thought I'd grabbed a bath towel.  I even felt guilty flushing.  Seemed like toilet paper that thick and comfy should be able to go through the wash cycle.   Maybe even tumble and dry.

now...I'm tired.  Must go to bed.  pull up the sheets and...yawnnnnn......night

November 06, 2008

Football Over

Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie Brown last night.  By that I mean our boys lost in district play and will not be going to State playoffs.  We won our first district game last week and last night played a team we beat on our first game of the year.  Sadly, it just wasn't meant to be and we lost 28-6.  The weather was horrific:  cold, 40 mph winds, moist, did I mention COLD!  We were playing at the opponents field.  Ironically...NOT...the wind was blowing directly into our faces.  We were unable to move the ball in any way.   Andrew was allowed to "suit up" for the game even though it has been only 6 weeks since his surgery and of course would not be allowed to play.  I thought that was nice they let him suit up.  Even though, me, his mom, was unaware he was suiting up.  I kept looking and looking and looking for him.  I even wondered...did he miss the bus?  Where in the hell is that kid?  Finally, I saw two legs and two braces on those two legs, peeping out from under one of the large all weather coats the team dons in rain etc.  ANDREW!!  Found.   I wish I could have gotten a picture of him and Alec together in their uniforms.  I had no camera though.  

Now, it's on to wrestling.  Andrew is not cleared for any activities until January.  You cannot even tell he had surgery 6 weeks ago.  He walks normally and never complains of pain or aches.  It will be hard for him to wait.  But, the graft is very friable at this time and could be easily torn if he doesn't have patience.  Pray for patience for him and us.  It could be a long season.

This morning I felt strangely good.  Strangely fresh and happy.  Happier than I'd been in a long time.  I don't know why.  

Now...I feel blue.  Blue and stupid and crappy.  

I almost crave a big blue long  depression.  NO not Big Blue Long...something else.  ha ha  no thanks.

I wish I could stay home tomorrow and lay on the couch and watch TV and have someone bring me 7-up and orange juice and make me beef and noodles.  I wish I would get a present, flowers, something out of the ordinary.  I just want to stay home and brood and stay in my pajamas all day.  


I spose I won't...but it's tempting.

November 02, 2008

Itchy, Bitchy & Tired's not the name of the three dwarves little people on the new Cinderella disney cartoon. It's me. I know you are surprised about the "bitchy" part.'s twue! I worked at the shop. Got my Christmyass merchandise out and marked it and put away the Halloween "leftovers". Then I went out and mowed at Moms. The leaves and dirt were dry and flying around. But at least it smelled Fall. I needed some outdoor time too. But, now I'm tired and must shower. goodnight

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Baby

[caption id="attachment_1740" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Happy Halloween"]Happy Halloween[/caption]

October 25, 2008

Rude Awakening

I couldn't resist...tee favorite!

October 20, 2008

Sweet Angel Cowboy from Nebraska

If this doesn't make you get a tear in your are a hardened criminal!  I've never claimed to be a religious person although I do think I am a spiritual person but this got to me.  I have to admit it.

MUST VIEW: Little Angel Cowboy from Nebraska 

A phone call from a 12-yr old boy to Houston radio station KSBJ FM 89.3. 
So profound, the station has it posted on their website. 

My Blog Is Older than Your Blog

...I was looking at my archives and HOLY blog it old.  Started in Sept. 2002 and this is a repost of Oct 21st 2002.

The Joy Of…yah

After shaving the callouses off of my feet and popping a few extra mutating blackheads I settled in with a nice steaming toddy, put my feet up, got a good book to read and enjoyed myself. Afterwards I tucked my sleepy children in and as I kissed them tenderly they smiled up at me and said sweetly," Luv ya mom!"


Well…the callous part is true.

Maybe I do have mutating blackheads…or MAYBE my pores are just big.

Need to check into that sometime.

Like when I care.

I love going to work though.

THAT is something.


I did kiss my children…those that still allow that kind of thing without grimacing at my touch, and those that weren’t mad at me.

That means…well, Alec was alright with it.

Katie mumbled and pretended she was alseep…and them remembered she needed money for something and made a request.

Andrew tried to duck away…but I caught him anyway.

He wiped it off firecly while growling…MoOm!

Mark (who was pretending to be busy at the “tucking them in time) waited until I walked by him then grabbed my ass.


I feel asleep on the couch and awoke with to the scent of a dogs ass facing me.

bastard Petey

He ate the cat food again and was suffering from shitmahpants gas. Gah

I shouted To The Kennel!

and I was away to my own bed.

Where I slept like a damn rock until my alarm went off.

October 19, 2008

Nuts & Beers

I baked rosemary garlic foccacia bread for the shop and spent the rest of the day working on my menus.  They needed revamped.  I added a few things which will irritate the cooks ...including me when I need to help out and can't remember what the hell I added.  The bread is tasty but didn't turn out as well as last Sunday.  There wasn't as much humidity in the air as last week.  That seems to aid the rise. Still..there is nothing quite like the smell of bread baking.  I love it.  I  made croutons from the ends that I got from the flat bread after I trimmed them and they are yummy.  I could make a meal off of croutons.  

Last night Mark and I went to Tobi's house for a beer fest and late house warming partay. We warmed well.  Poor Tobes...there was at least 50 kids under the age of 8 there and they were busy at all times.  I smiled and laughed and drank beers.  When Mark and I got home our boys were waiting up for us in the living room...hahahahahahahahahahaah.  This is bad but I was seriously toasty and don't really remember talking much or what time it was or...yahh.  geeze  I hate that.  I didn't feel bad today but I am tired.  I worked out and burned a few calories up. Unfortunately I just ate a huge bowl of grape nuts and a leftover wrap that I'd made for the boys and they obviously didn't like little shits.  Now...I'm ready for bed.

Aren't you glad you tuned in for this exciting story?!

October 17, 2008

I Can't Believe It!

I lost 5 pounds...I told everyone I lost 4 because I was sooo shocked I lost any I just jumped off the scale and blurted out...I LOST 4 POUNDS!!  durrr durr durrr  When I should have screamed out loud...I LOST 5 POUNDS mofos!!!!!   

I probably gained it back all tonight because after work we went to the bar and drank MANY beers and just now, after we won the football game(!!!!), I ate two bowls of taco soup, a bologna and mayo on Wheatberry bread sandwich and a cinnamon roll.  yeahhhhh

October 16, 2008

Bas turd Midnight Drunken Snacking

Tomorrow morning is the first weigh in..and if I had weighed in yesterday, before volleyball/bowling alley beer/drunk snacking night...I may very well have lost weight.  In fact I really had...except today, when I weighed myself.  

AGHHHHHHH  hopeless.

foiled by drunken snacking again!

October 15, 2008

Diet Crazed but Wearing Killer Shoes

I have been buying books & shoes both of which I cannot live without, working out on my elliptical machine & trying to diet both of which I would love to live without, & working on my coffee shop web page which I love to do.  Also, I've painted my bathroom "Topaz" which is, in a word, serene.  I think I will leave off any border or shelves and pictures and other crap that might disrupt me from achieving perfect zen like harmony upon entering the bathing room.  Hell, I might relax so much I drown. doesn't even sound serene.  Sounds like something stupid, spazzy, loud, iritating, toe jammy stinky, yellow foul pus looking even.  But is light coool sea "ish" green "ish" blue "ish".  I love it.  I want to paint everything this color.   Maybe I will too.

Tomorrow, Bitch Posse Rides...! Ole'!  Mostly I like to go afterwards...after the the bowling alley and drink beers and make fun of the guys in matching shirts as they throw their balls down the lanes.  We cheer but inside we are jeering...hee hee hee.  I mean, matching shirts?  Would they wear matching shirts with their wives?  ha!  I don't think so.  Male bonding...blegh

And I said, I'm on a diet...hahahahahaahah  but really now, I am trying.  There are three of us who are weighing in on Fridays at the shop.  When I did my first weight I almost shit myself.  I thought, WHO IS THIS FAT FAT FAT FAT BITCH ON THIS SCALE AND HOW DID SHE GET INTO MY BODY!!!!  I HATE HER!  I still do actually but I know I must try.  I have printed up 8 by 11 signs that say, "YOU CAN DO IT!" and taped them up all over my house.  Mainly, the fridge and pantry.  Eye level.  YOU CAN DO IT!  If only I could put an electric shock on the handles.  sigh    I    Hate    Dieting but not as much as I HATE THAT FAT BITCH ON THE SCALE!!!!!!!

I gotta a pain behind my eye...wonder why...

October 10, 2008

Goodbye CNN Hello Local News

Who does the world turn to for world news?  Of course, CNN.  "Oh don't panic" they say.  "Remain calm don't sell off everything will soon be okay." and then?  They pan to a shot of the Dow with the red arrow and rapidly spinning numbers.  They report wild eyed about collapse and spreading world market collapse.  Almost every interview, every story captioned in fire engine red with "Breaking News" with the very words that cause the public to panic.  WAKE UP CNN.  DON'T YOU GET IT....YOU ARE WORLD NEWS...PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU.  FIX IT...or quit trying to spread the panic.  What is the real agenda here...

ps...I am NOT under a Dr care for Paranoa...I'm just an average Jo Schmoe at the coffee shop.  Maybe it's time to turn on the local news about the local bake sale, the lost kitten saved by my neighbor, the fireman/farmer/football coach, the local high school volleyball/football/cross country team, and turn off WORLD NEWS LEADER CNN.

October 09, 2008

Watch This

I'm drinking a sugar free BAWLS and watching "The Brave One" with Jodi Foster & Terrence Howard, for the second time on HBO.  I love it.  But then, I always like to watch Jodi Foster's movies.  Either she picks well or she makes the movie her own  This movie reminds me of a cross between "Pump Up The Volume"  & City of Angels with the soundtrack, the way it is filmed, the grainy dark feel, the characters are interesting, believable, predictable yet still able to surprise...the plot itself is really disturbing on many levels.  Right up my alley though.  yup


[caption id="attachment_1643" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Jodi Foster "]Jodi Foster [/caption]

October 06, 2008

5 Days After ACL Repair

[caption id="attachment_1639" align="alignnone" width="347" caption="Relegated to watching not doing at the football game in North Platte"]Relegated to watching not doing at the football game in North Platte[/caption]

September 29, 2008

Knee's and Stones

Just one year and two days after his right knee ACL repair we are back from Andrew's Left knee ACL surgery and all is well. As well as can be if you are a 17 year old junior facing for the second time, 6 - 9 months of rehab, another year without football, maybe missing wrestling and track on the back burner as well. Hi is doing okay. The months of rehab may be trying. I hope he can do as well as last year. I feel badly for him as he has to face this hurdle yet again. Our long term goal is ultimately healthy knees for his future. High school sports are just that...high school sports. Unfortunately in most small town schools there is so much focus on sports that it leads people to believe that there is nothing else in life. We hope we have taught Andrew that there is indeed more to life than that. Right now he is in the recliner with Petie by his side, his knee elevated and his K cooler pumping icy water around his heavily wrapped leg. Hi is on pain meds and slightly stoned. I feel like I've been "stoned" by the granite kind. Hope I can nap sometime before bedtime...ha ha.

September 28, 2008


crows season the sky
peppering the horizon
. . . my car too

September 27, 2008

Blogliness Declining

I have so many things I want to write about but I don't seem to be able to make time to do it. I also think, "Why bother?". I seem to be losing my "blogliness". Nothing seems interesting enough. My life is in a mid season slump. I go back and read what I was doing 4 years ago and I laugh. Yes, things seem to slowly decline. Everything seems to sag, bag and lag. No "thing" in particular is worthy enough of printed words. Sure, years ago writing about pockets in underwear seemed dramatic and just seems stupid, ramdom and lame.
One time in September I wrote this:
"Simple Pleasures
September 14, 2006
I poked myself in the eye today with a straw.
While driving.
I did not require medical assistance.
Just soap in my mouth.
As you all know I had to get a new fridge cuz mine broke on Friday.
Yesterday, Alec said fondly as he patted the old broken fridge, “I’m going to miss you”, and he sighed touching the old ragged smiley faced stickers he had plastered on the front door when he was in Kindergarden.
I took Alec to the orthodontist yesterday. When we were back in town he asked me to swing by home so that he could “Meet the new fridge” which was delivered earlier.
He likes it.
It holds food and drinks.
Life is good."
And then there was the post about "fart sacks"...Crossing My Fingers, Taking Tums and Heading For The Fart Sack
September 28, 2005 by poniday | Edit
You don’t think Nacho Cheese Doritos, jelly beans (only black and orange…how Cambridge Trojanistic can I get?), Runza fries, diet Mt. Dew, leftover Chinese food and 1 bottle of BAWLS will make me dream do you?
Nahhhhhh... sigh
Now my life is boring...sigh. I am reduced to repeating stuff and posting pictures and I can just bet you that hot flashes are around the looming corner.


September 22, 2008


Football pictures.


ACL Again

Many things have happened since last I posted. The main event is that my oldest son, a junior, blew out his knee in a football game. This makes his second ACL surgery. Now he will have had one to each knee. We JUST got done rehabbing the other one. He missed all last year sports because of his injury and now...this. I can't tell you how I HATE IT for him. I wish it was me. He wasn't chop blocked this time. It was a foot plant knee twist cut that did it this time. He can walk on it with his brace on. Surgery is in one week. Rehab is then predicted to last 6-9 months. Last year he completed it in 4.5 months. He is strong and determined. I hope he will remain in good spirits. Our football team is quite good this year. It's difficult because his younger brother is also on the team. He is doing a good job but misses having his older brother to look up to. They got to play side by side in games sometimes and one time I heard the announcer say, "Taken down by the McCurdy brothers!" and that was cool. No more this year. sigh We've all been pretty blue for our boy. So far he has had to sit through one game and tomorrow there is another and Friday is homecoming game and then...his surgery. Right now he isn't hurting so it's not as easy to take the "bench". I imagine after the sugery he will be glad to sit with his knee up. I dread it for him.

September 11, 2008

Strange Fruits

I've got a peach tree in my front yard. We planted it under the impression that it was a blooming crab tree several years ago. We were mildy surprised when it produced strange fruit its second year. Not at all crab like, more like, mutant peaches. This year, it's about a 4 year old tree now and when I went outside last night I saw mounds of mutant peaches on the ground AND in the tree. I picked up several, took them inside, washed them, closed my eyes because the fruit was sporting random phallic parts and bit into one. Peachy, although this side of ripe. The fruits have grooves, notches, mounds and peckers or noses...depends on how you hold them. I hope I can save some from bugs and horndogs so I can make peaches and cream one day soon...and no I did not say make peaches cream.
Peaches are sexy though aren't they...just not the ones on my lawn. My "lawn peaches" look like well hung garden gnomes and if that isn't an oxymoron I don't know what is. I'll post pictures later.

August 30, 2008

Tips I Should Followww...???

Okay, I randomly found this site when I was searching for "How do you properly fold a fitted sheet?".  It was titled "How do you decorate a master bedroom?"...check it out

Tips & Warnings

  • Put fresh flowers and a framed picture on your nightstand.

  • Keep your room simple by putting up fewer pictures. If you have too many, consider rotating them every six months, so you can enjoy all your artwork.

  • Lighter colors will make the room look more spacious.

  • Keep out only a few decorative items such as candles, framed photos and pottery on top of dressers and chests. Again, less is more.

Okay...the only fresh flower I put on my nightstand are...fruit rollups...does that count as flowers?  the only framed picture I have in my  bedroom is this poster of 2 ducks in bed in a corner, she reading a book, he reading the sports page and the title is LIVING TOGETHER.   As far as rotating artwork, uhhhh yahhhh.  Sometimes I change the sheets.  ha ha

As far as less is more...HA HA HA...YOU Know it...I mean...bedroom...less is do the math!

hahahaahhahahaha   I crack myself up!

August 26, 2008

Sunflowers In My Yard...make me happyyyy

I know they are a weed but I like and plant sunflowers every year.  These giant ones have actually gotten a little out of hand but they make a great privacy fence.  I also love the fact that the birds eat the seeds.  I don't love that they then shit on my car, my clothes line and whatever else is below them but hey, you can't have everything.

by the way...remember what I said about Katie wanting to work?

Never mind.

I "totally misunderstood her", she meant, she "wants to take business courses".


I don't know.  I worry too much.  OR I might just be losing my mind...grin


August 23, 2008

Bitching About College, Kids, and yah

Just got back from Omaha.  I took my mom and we went to see daughter Katie.  We shopped, ate, squabbled about college and work and money and health and in general, everything...and then, Mom and I came home.  Katie doesn't know what she wants to "be" for sure.  She wants to work with children, as of now, and she continues to love working at Chuck E Cheese.  She said something about working in a daycare and I almost choked and wanted to slit my wrists.  I guess I am a snob after all.  I cant believe her.  I can't believe that is what she really wants to do with her life.  She claims not to "care about money".  But that is the claim of someone who has not had to struggle with finances.  We have made it too easy for her.  I have to think back to when I was getting ready to graduate high school and remember how my Dad did not want me to go to college.  He said if everyone went to college who would do the work?  I wanted to go of course.  Although I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do my first year either.   By the second year I went to nursing school and obtained a useful degree.  However, I am not using it now.  Instead I am working as a business owner.  I did use my degree to pay off loans and bills and cars and etc.  I did use my RN for 15 years.  Katie, doesn't seem to want to go to college.  It's so strange.  Mark and I both went to college and just "assumed" our kids would want to.  Why wouldn't they?  Well, I guess it's another case of whatever we want or say...she wants to do the opposite...sigh.  There is nothing wrong with working instead of college I guess.  I just feel like she is wasting her God given talents.  She is SO smart and her memory is phenomenal.  She is a math wizard and Science is so easy for her.  She has so many talents and abilities and she doesn't want to use them.  It makes me feel like shit.  I did try come to terms with it, at least somewhat, today.  I talked with Mark and we need to talk to Katie.  Explain about the money we have been pumping into her school fund and the fact that she can't make it without our help in that low paying job she adores.  We have been through so much with her this last year that I know it has taken years off my life.  In reality we only want her to be happy, loved and a productive and useful person in this world.  Is that too much to ask?  She needs to do a budget and figure out what she actually is able to pay for on the money she makes.  Then she can get back to us and tell us she's ready to quit college and make it as a manager for Chuck E Cheese...sigh

August 17, 2008

New Olympic Sport

I would like to see SUMO RIBBON DANCING as a new Oympic sport.  In fact, I may be a contender for GOLD.

August 13, 2008


Like my nails?

I don't.  I pasted them on last night and I'm a cripple.

[caption id="attachment_1574" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Fingernail Hell"]Fingernail Hell[/caption]

But hair looks almost as bad.

I may just open my own freak show and charge a quarter a peep.   Maybe I'll get my own freak trailer and travel in freak style from one county carnival to another.  I'll eat caramel corn and hot dogs and dirty pretzels.  I'll keep a herd of dusty stuffed animals and a goldfish bowl beside my rattly bed.  I'll dye my hair red and let my teeth turn brown from bad coffee and too much time between brushings.  Maybe I'll get a poster of my own with my freakish self on it and it will be plastered around towns, on telephone poles and in supermarkets.  People might come from miles and miles away to see the freak show.  But you got it made.  I just gave you a free ticket...on the house.

August 09, 2008

Mid Season post

...sometimes I can feel myself drifting into what might be called a mid life crisis only it doesn't feel so dramatic as the word "crisis" implies.  It just feels...lonesome...empty...dull...useless.  I can see the days as they number on and on and I don't find myself changing anything, helping anyone, or doing anything to make a difference anymore.  My kids are growing up and they don't seem to need me for anything.  My nursing career used to make me feel at least somewhat useful to others.  And...there you have the title to my blog...mid season...blahg.

August 08, 2008

Read This Book & Stuff

Just finished Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  As always I love her characters and the book stays open and available for me to read every spare second I have.  Heartbreaking scenario.  Really.  Read it.  I think it should be on the reading list for teens too.  Maybe.  You'll see what I mean after you go get it.

Our next big event at the coffee shop is COWBOY DAYS the last week of August.  Yippee Kii Yii ayyyyy!  We will have a Cowboy poet on Saturday the 30th, Jack Ostergard and a HOBO SUPPER and Mark's in a band and they are going to play too!  We will have drink specials on "brown gargle" and "cowboy coffee"  and "rattlesnake venum" and "Black Bart's Buzz" and who knows what all....served in clear boots with a tiny little saying on the heel that says, I Got The BOOT at Shirley K's!  You never know what you might get there!

August 04, 2008

Key Lime Chicken At Shirley K's

I tried a sauce recipe from the cookbook Andrew brought me from the Bahamas.  We used the tangy lime mayo for our grilled mesquite chicken breast panini today.  The sandwich also had roasted red peppers and Pepper jack cheese which we served on grilled foccacia bread.  Delicious.  The sauce was, mayo, Roses Lime and a few spices.  Creamy with a bite!  Only thing I would change would be to add a bit of red onion.  yummy.

July 30, 2008

Esther Had a Cute...Hot...Wet...Pussy...Cat

Should NOT have been GONGED!

hee hee hee...whew...was that funny.  Wish I could have seen the  hole whole show!

If that link doesn't work...try THIS ONE!

New Gong Show

Andrew in the Bahamas

[caption id="attachment_1547" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Andrew and someone on the beach in the Bahamas"]Andrew and someone on the beach in the Bahamas[/caption]

On a science trip called Wild Studies...NO...not girls gone wild people get your head out of the GUTTER!  PLEASE! .  He should be home Thursday.  I hope to have more pictures then.

July 29, 2008

Just Bitch Slap Me !

If I ever ever ever ever ever ever have another garage sale again as long as I shall live amen!  I could tell you all about setting up the sale and the mountains of "crap" that was assembled on tables made of bi-fold ( I like to call them bisexual) doors and milk cartons, doors and saw horses and old ping pong tables and the amount of time it took to sort, place and mark the "crap" and then the amount of time it took to move it all back into the garage because it looked like it would rain in the night and that would super suck but I won't bore you with the details...I won't do it.  I won't tell you about the long night and the early am and the turd floater rain that came up and almost floated my large big blue shorted ass away down the gutter...I won' can't make me tell you.  I am not about to tell you about the amount of time it took to then move all the "crap" that was left and there was a lot of it BACK into the garage to avoid rain and the time and fun it took to load up the "crap" and take it to the thrift shop in the 109 degree heat the next day...nahhhh I won't bore you with that stuff...because PEOPLE IT WAS SOOOOOO WORTH IT!  I mean you don't make $1.69 every day do you?  huh????

July 26, 2008

Sleep Deprived

City Wide garage sale day.


Yet, in a way, it will be.  I will be at the shop making scones and coffee and frappuccino's and other people will be running my garage sale.  I'm sure fun will be had by all....hahahahahaha.  Everyone came to set it up last night.  LB Fart brought a cooler with many beers and that was nice.  During the "set up" though, we noticed something.  It looked stormy.  On the weather radar a large green blob with a red center appeared to be swirling it's way right toward our county.  


After some debate we therefore moved all 3,498 tables of  crap  treasures into our filthy dirty stinking sty of a garage.  You couldn't put a hair between the tables so we will, I mean someone will have to move all those items outside in the early wee am.  

As I said, I have to go to work.  Shame.

So...I went to bed around 12:30 and Pissin' Petie woke me at lovely 2:30 am with a gentle WUUUUUFFFFFF.


I grimaced at the window and peered outside expecting to see a turd floating rainstorm.


WHAT?!!  Nothing?!  Nothing!?  Yah...nothing.  

We moved the tables inside for nothing.

hells bells

Now, I've been awake since then, looking at the radar which still shows the same swirling green and red blob.  hmmmmm  it's 4am and my alarm will be going off in 1/2 hour.  

Now what.

July 24, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' on a Roadbike

It's 100 degrees(yet falling gently falling) and I'm going to go for a bike ride.  How stupid is that.  

Must go change into my super tight large ass padded britches and big top that pushes up and contorts fat rolls and accentuates the fact that it does this.  

agh...what the hell is wrong with me...

July 23, 2008

A Repost Cuz I Feel Like it Damnit! aka Short Poem

Short Poem

Summer looms
My ass blooms
take me away Calgon

if bubbles wont float

my troubles away

Jose Cuervo, lime and salt
hit me with a double!


July 21, 2008

You Are the Ducks Nuts!

Speaking of nuts...our trip in a nutshell:

We are back from a whirlwind 48 hour trip to Omaha to see daughter Katie, Mark's sister Kathie (one of the famous "Moonspinners" and her husband Dan of the infamous "Jacks" band, and Teresa...aka Mo T, a variety of nieces and nephews including but not limited to Carly "Bun Crust", Ashley "Lil Mo T", Nick "Ice Man", and Tom "Guitar Hero" for realZ and we had a sort of Mini Reunion.

 We cooked out and sipped a Bacardi Silver Mojito.  

We saw and saved a den of baby bunnies from the hungry dog Zeke.

 We learned some new words from the Urban Dictionary and did a little shopping for a tongue ring and a pair of pants.  Not for me.  

Saw a good show on Panini Sandwiches featuring some ideas that I may incorporate into my shop.  I'm stealing those ideas.....yesssss.....I am...he he he

Alec went with us and we took...ahem....THE BUG.  Yes, a 4 ish hour long trip with two long legged guys and me...short, fat and shoved into the was suweet.

July 17, 2008

Gong Show is Back

I can't believe it.  The Gong Show is Back and I have to admit it I laughed...alot.  Especially when the midgets kicked some maor ASS in wrestling the judges.  he he he.  The tit slapping music men are on now.  So far my favorite act was the Lava Dancing Monkey Spanking Titty lady.  They did not score well.  shoot.  Shows what kind of taste I have huh?

July 16, 2008

Babeland, Mintland...whatever melts in your mouth first...

okay, I'm always on the lookout for new items for my shop.  So I found these mints called eat whatever .  I looked at the website and then I clicked on where to buy them.  I often find wholesalers in this way.  Call them and find out the terms and if I can afford to have the product.  First I found Earth Matters.  It seemed like a nice organic food place.  I decided to check out all the sites to see if any of them were close to Nebraska and what type of places carried these mints.  Next I saw Amish Fine Foods ...strange but okay.  Next I saw Babeland okay now...that is NOT a mint place...or is it...????  How unusual...hmmmmmmmmm.  Maybe I don't need mints maybe I need......

Baseball District Play

My boy is number 21...catcher for Maroon uniformed McCook.  He is the one coming home to score but they call him the wrong name.  We rallied and got ahead by 5 runs then Holdridge got a 6 run inning.  We ended up losing 10-7.  CRAP
NTV - KHGI/KWNB/WSWS-CA - Where your news comes first. - Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings, Lincoln | Sports

Score! Pitch Some Viagra Someone Needs Wood!

Is anyone else awake and watching the All Star Game?  Sheeeittt.....get an out already people.  Someone needs to SCORE!!!

July 14, 2008

What I've Been Watching

[caption id="attachment_1512" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Tough Guys"]Tough Guys[/caption]

Andrews district play now.  click on the pic to listen to the game.

July 11, 2008

It's Friday Already?!'s Friday.  Friday night to be exact.  Time flies when you are havin' fun.

The day started with me opening the door to the garage and almost stepping on an inert body.  Not human...animal.  Pickles the Queen cat rushed in past my legs yowling with pleasure.  She'd left another "present" for us.  I looked a bit and then quickly made my escape.  I couldn't face it.  Not today.  I later chickened out and called home leaving messages on the boys phones.  "Please pick up the dead animal and give it a proper burial...aka throw the fuckin' thing OUT AND HURRY!!!"  Mark later told me the animal was a baby possum.


You all KNOW how I like possums.

I did get my "new boy in town haircut and dye job" today.  THANK YOU CINDY!   I also drank Bacardi Silver Mojito which I pronounce MOGEETO... like a hick.  who cares   AND we drank a Bacardi Silver Raz.  I prefer MOFOGEETO myself.  Cindy did my hair and then we swam in my Aunt's pool.  Well, we held our drinks and floated after I skimmed off the June bugs.


people...drinks, hair dye and water...joyyyy.

Later that same an hour later when I got home.  The guy came over to work on our sprinklers and waaa laaaaa  he says, "Hey, go check out that brown bag in my pickup and bring it here!"  So, of course I did and it was Clamato Beer.  Ice Cold.  HELL YAH!  My day baybe.  We guzzled on our deck and discussed life, death, church, raising kids, sex and food.  It was good.  It was very good.

Now...I'm TIRED.  I can't figure out why...

July 08, 2008

Isn't it Friday?

I keep thinking it is.  Must have something to do with EXTREME late nights and early mornings and stress and baseball games and life.


Alec had baseball tourny action last night and tonight and tomorrow in Elwood.  It started to rain as we were coming home.  The rain was sooooo bad that on our way home...we had a hard time seeing the road.  Oddly...there was no rain in our town.  You could see the "dry line" were it went from rain to nothing.  strange phenomenom.  By the way...Alec's team won!

Andrew has baseball game tomorrow in North Platte.  I won't be able to attend.

Mark will attend Andrews game as he is the coach and I'll be cheering Alec on in his finals.

Katie called and said she was "sick".  Great...another worry.  Listening to her on the phone however, I felt better.  Sounds like allergies.  Not Pneumonia like I instantly assumed.  Mark was talking to her on the phone and explaining meds, throwing out words like Diphenhydramine, Loratadine, and Dextromethorphan and I could almost see her eyes going wide.  I got on and told her vitamins and juice and rest and less going out and no smoking and in general "mom" stuff.  She sounds good.  I think it odd that lately I've been thinking of her and missing her and yesterday afternoon I sent an order for flowers to be delivered tomorrow to her at her place of work...Chuck E Cheese...(I sent them online and I'm nervous is she got them)  I didn't tell her I sent them.  Hope she had a fun surprise.

I Need Help or Kid for Hire...QUICK!

I do not know how one raises children without maiming either them or yourself.  Does that sound bad?  Hell yes it sounds bad.  I feel so frustrated with the almost 17 year old boy now.  He has a nice girlfriend.  But that isn't really the problem.  He constantly sneaks out.  To do what?  I can guess.  The girl lives in another town soooooo...anyone knows.  I do know there is NOTHING GOOD GOING ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  He has a job but it's part time.  The rest of the time he is doing as he pleases.  I CANNOT stand a lazy kid much less a lazy boy.  I'm ready to hire him out as a servant.  He really needs a hard physical job to make him tired at night.  Sore in the day.  Appreciative of the things he has. I've taken everything away this year at least a million times...except this one last thing.  And it's almost ready to be yanked.  He's supposed to be going on a science trip to the bahamas.  yahhh that's right...bahamas...we've been paying for a year for this trip.  BUT I'M ABOUT 5 MINUTES FROM TAKING IT AWAY.



July 05, 2008

Falll Can You Save Me

I heard the first locusts two days ago.  I saw lightening bugs a month ago.  The air is coolish.  I'm thinking of football and the bite of frost.  I don't want to hurry things along, but hell yes I do.  Wake me in September.  That's when I'll clean my house.  Wipe off sticky rings of soda pop from my coffee tables, throw away the thousands of potato chip bags, sunflower seeds and bread crusts.  I'll make time to match the socks and make the beds and wash every dish.  I'll clean out the leftovers and paint the bathroom.  I might be able to face sweeping out the garage and organizing the un-used toy room.  It's a possibility I might be able to gather all the old clothes up and take them to the thrift shop in tidy piles neatly marked Large, X Large and Big Assed Big.

July 03, 2008

Take 2 Watermelon and it's VIVA VAGINA! OLAY

Supposedly watermelon can make you react the same as if taking viagra.  Read this article, I guess it relaxes your BLOOD VESSELS allowing for schWIIINNNNGGGGG!

I think someone has a fruit fetish and made that up.


Now, everytime I'm at the grocery store and I see a guy buying a melon, I'm gonna know why.  wink wink wink...he's gotta a "wood" problem.

June 30, 2008

Addiction Is a Bitch

I'm watching a woman popping pills by the handful, psychotropics, anti depressants, pain meds whatever she can find. She is desperate. I'm watching INTERVENTION.
I wonder if I need intervened for my addiction. It's...Sweet Tarts. I just text messaged Andrew and Katie with a plea, Please bring Sweet Tarts when you come home. So far...I haven't added...or don't come home! So far, I'm not at the end of my rope. It's close. Hark! The sound of my phone being messaged. Katie says, YES...only it will take me 4 hours to get it there, but yes I'll bring you Sweet Tarts. GOD I love that girl. Hurry Katie...hurry. Now another message. Andrew is BRINGING ME SWEET TARTS!!! Man, I raised me some good kids.
I may just snort these. that bad?

Disco Donut Pictures (a few)

These are the photos that were in the local paper. I am going to buy them as they are so cute. Until then, check out the black and whites.

Disco Donut Eating Contestants

June 29, 2008

Some Disco Daze Pics

I don't have the donut eating contest pics yet...but they are funny.  Here are a few of the parade shots.  Cindy Jo's (one of my Batista/cook/entertainers) husband was nice enough to drive my bug in the parade and he followed our "Nuts for Donuts" float.  All in all it was good.  I was really too tired to enjoy much of it.  Long week.  The donuts were still "wet" from paint, I couldn't find an outfit and thus wore only a wig, jeans and my Disco Donut shirt and the groovy flowers and decorations kept flying off of my bug.  Oh year...different story.


Random Bitch Note

You know that commercial where muzak is playing and the screen opens to a woman saying, "You know why I love Walmart?".  Yah bag...I know why you love Walmart...cuz you DON'T OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

June 26, 2008

Febreeze Fairy Needed

Tonight, in a fit of starvation, I made something stinky.  No NOT your heads out of the gutter.  I made Cheddarwurst Braats and Sauerkraut.  Sadly, the kraut wasn't kosher and that's the GOOD STUFF.  I made do with the ancient kraut in a can I found in the pantry.  Only other thing there was the crushed remains of chips, 599 packets of diet tea on the go single packets, 43 boxes of jello, molasses, moldy bread and that's about it.  I burned the stuff which didn't make it smell any better.  NOW...the house smells like a shit infested hell hole.  

I think I will have to bake something to get the schtink out...but what can one bake with the above listed ingredIents?  Nothing I can think of.


June 24, 2008

Like Cows At The Trough

The donut contest was awesome.  We had about 30 entries before we started and in total...about 50.  We strung a clothes line  between two 10 foot ladders and dangled our donuts from there.  We had about 10-15 contestants lined up at a time and it was sweet.  They were like cows in a stanchion.  We had to disqualify several who attempted to use their hands.  We had one couple who were eating off each others shoulders.  I passed out prizes like I was at a penny fair.  Our time limit was 3 minutes and in total it took about 1/2 hour.  I had no one to take pictures.  Hopefully someone did and will send me some...sigh.

am tired now...must go to bed...yawn

June 23, 2008

We Survived

Medicine Creek Days is over. I can't say I'm sorry.  It was ALOT of work.  You will laugh when you hear what I think alot of work was.  I mean, making tractor tire tubes retain latex paint IS WORK people.  I painted tubes and painted tubes and painted tubes and taaa daaaaa...they looked like giant glazed donuts.  I was still working on them at 9am on Saturday morning and we were to be at the parade line up at 9:45.   Needless to say, the paint was wet, I was sweating and my disco outfit SUCK ED.  It was like this huge leopard skin outfit that my boobs hung out of and that accentuated my beer belly.  I decided not to wear it.  I tried on Katies swing choir sparkly dress and could wear it...if I left it unzipped halfway...SHIT.  I ended up throwing on a black Farah Faucet wig and my DONUT TESTER Shirley K's Coffee Shop shirt and jeans.  yah...some disco queen I was.  At the end of the parade I was D U N .  But, I said, "Hey Mark let's take these fucking donuts and go to the river and tube!"  Surprisingly Mark said, "OK".  So, we did.  We jumped in at the river bridge and 2 or so hours later ended up at the diversion dam.  It was great.  We saw deer, blue herons, cranes, no snakes, and several ducks.  I got burned in places that shouldnt get burned and I liked it so much I asked Cindy to go the next day.  We did.  The only difference from Saturday was the water was a foot lower and naughty Cindy and I took a cooler of beer.  It wasss good. Except I burned myself silly.

more later...must go

June 18, 2008

Arriving Soon

Disco Donut Contest.

Friday, during the intermission of the band my hubby sings and plays in, will be the ultimate test of donut eating skills. Yes, it's twue.  We are having an Eat the donut from a string and no using your hands eating contest.  There will be prizes.  And donut glaze.  And frosting.  And lots of wet wipes.  Hopefully photos.


June 15, 2008

$15.00 Cup of Coffee @ Shirley K's...NOT

No we are not going to serve a $15.00 cup of joe but THESE people are. 

Now people...just bitch about my 53 cent cup of fresh ground fresh brewed cup of coffee!

June 12, 2008

The Rabbit is Dead aka Things That Just Aren't Right

a)  a tiny teeny baby bunny HEAD with eyes open and mouth in death pose on my doorstep

b) my big fat cat Pickles who is over fed and underworked resting quietly beside the porch with a big ole smile on her face (not to mention a new rabbit foot in her pocket)

c) soccer (I just don't get it nor do I want to get it)

d) sweatshirts on June nights

e) freaking tornadoes and flooding!

f) sassy boys

g) fatness of assness

June 10, 2008

Made Ya Smile

I've posted this link before and for some reason I just happened onto this site today. hee's TERRIBLE but it made me laugh and I really needed that.  Click on:  I'm Better Than Your Kid  for a giggle.

June 08, 2008

Time Flys When You Are Havin' F U N

The boys are gone to football camp until Tuesday. I would be a nasty mean evil mother if I even thought I was enjoying the thought of two whole days of not worrying about what time they will be home, why they aren't home, who they are with, are they working, where is the girlfriend, who is the girlfriend, are they doing something they shouldn't, are the cops involved, is there a fight, is there another girl, is there a vehicle going around corners on two wheels that belongs to me, will there be a fight tonight, will there be a grounding tonight, am I a shitty parent, are my kids wasting their lives, their chances, will they be productive adults, do they like me, do they love me, can I do this, can I do this right, how do I do this, can I live through this, who am I, what am I doing, what am I doing right, what am I doing wrong, what am I doing, really, really, how are my kids?

I need medication. Between trying to raise a VERY independent 19 year old girl who has been stretching her wings and boundaries and my last nerve to these two boys, almost 17 & 14...I am losing my fucking mind.

I tell myself. I need these two days. I need to find myself. CAN I DO IT IN TWO DAYS PEOPLE?! I doubt it.
Every day is such a challenge. I don't feel the fun anymore. Surely something is wrong when you don't feel the fun anymore.

Right now, I'm sitting here with a cold Amber Bock, NPR on the radio with soothing musak on, a fan on me, and all is well. Sitting down and writing this has put me into a "remember" mode and caused me some stress but really, all is well.

Today, after the boys left. I mowed, Mark mowed at Mom's and I washed and then I read 19 test messages from my youngest son of which 6 spelled out, "MOMMMMM!!!", and the other 13 said, "FORGOT FTBALL CLEATS NEED DAD 2 BRING THEM TO CAMP". Needless to say, it was 1 1/2 hour after the football bus had left and so, yes indeed, with gas the price it is, two boys on their way to a football camp we'd paid for, Mark made a mad dash (2 hours away) with the forgotten shoes. In order to torture my son, I texted him and said, GRANDMA ON HER WAY, IN MY BUG, WITH YUR SHOES". He was, in a word, mortified. My Bug is bright orange and has our coffee shop logo on it. This logo includes not only a dancing coffee cup but a dancing prescription bottle which is my husbands logo. NO People...he is not a drug dealer...just a pharmacist. My Mom would have been sure to scold my son thoroughly for forgetting something as important as his FOOTBALL CLEATS.

good Lord

Only two days left before they come home...sigh

June 05, 2008

The Good N Ugly Of The Day

Yesterday seems like a thousand years ago. I'm trying to remember what the hell I even did. What I DIDN'T do was go to work...ha ha ha. I took yesterday off. Only went in for about 1/2 hour. At home, I vacuumed, dusted, washed clothes, ate healthy food until around 2:30 and then went ape shit and hungry bear and ate anything I wanted and more...dahum double dahum. Early in the morning I took out the vegetable stock I'd saved from some roast and put it into the crock pot. I added some roast beef. I added some vegetables. I added some rice, some noodles...I thought about cheese. I sprinkled in seasonings. I guess you can say I made a big ass pot of gruel. It was good, but it was ugly.
Later on I rode my bike and almost choked to death on a bug that flew into my trachea. Snot was blowing out my nose, tears down my cheeks and to top it all off, my mammy panties decided to climb up my back and were showing above the waistband of my gargantuan shorts.

June 04, 2008


Beautiful, beautiful...TED

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader.

Singer/songwriter Eddi Reader performs "Kiteflyer's Hill," a tender look back at a lost love. With Thomas Dolby on piano

click HERE for a beautiful song by Eddie Reader at the TED conference.

16, 16, 30, 16 Miles...I think...ha ha

Well, I've been for a few rides since I've posted last. I think I got it right. I may be lying about one of those 16's...but NOT on purpose. Rode to Bartley and back several times and day before yesterday went East instead and went to Arapahoe and back. Now that was a nice ride. The shoulders were smooth...except for that one damn bullsnake that wanted to rear up and bite at me...aghhhhhhh! I did okay. My lungs stayed in my chest, my thighs and calves look like stovepipes...but hey...they always do. Yesterday we went for a short 16 to Bartley and back, Cindy wanted to go on to Holbrook but I wasn't feeling it. She went on then and I stayed home. I was exhausted from working and my shoulder was hurting like hell. I also had to get ready to go to ballgames and get the boys ready and blah blah blah. Anyway, today would be a perfect day for a ride but Cindy had to go to Holdridge...maybe when she gets back.

Riding Again

When my Dad got sick 2 years ago my road biking slipped into the "not as important" category. My Dad died one year ago, June 14th. I did not train for BRAN last year, I didn't train for BRAN this year either. But I am riding again and I'm trying to enjoy it. ha ha It feel good and bad. Just like normal. I feel like I've accomplished somthing when I finish a ride, without collapsing. Anyway, I'm back and I'm going to keep on the road again...unless it kills may.

Mad Cow on a Bike

Well, I've been riding again. Cindy and I went 30 some miles yesterday and I went 16 or so today. I think we went 25 or so a few days ago. I am vague because I am EXHAUSTED. Between work and the kids baseball games and trying to do something at home I cannot really get any rest time in. My shoulder hurts like a mo fo and my joints ache too. But hey the bonus from riding again are many. Like...Cindy Sue mentions her ASS CHEEKS ARE SWOLLEN. Yay Now that is something I NEED! Also, there is sunburn which helps my freckled damaged skin even more. Something I also love about bike riding is the bugs that either sting your head as they get caught inside your helmet OR the bugs you eat because they come flitting at you like 50 mph. Something I hope is true is that cow shit is good for your skin. Those semis that come flying by you often fling cow shit/piss/vile fluids onto me. Hopefully mad cow disease isn't something you can get through osmosis.

Me on my bike

May 31, 2008

Tornadoes part and miss Cambridge

None of these dangerous tornadoes hit Cambridge. The huge cells split and parted like the red sea and we were spared.

Twisters hit Nebraska
Twisters hit Nebraska

More tornadoes slam the Midwest
More tornadoes slam the Midwest

May 28, 2008

Couldn't They Just Be Perfect?

I went for a walk around 9:30 p.m. It was misting slightly and the lights of the Ethanol plant lit up the sky like a lava lamp. Everything was muted and "bloopy" in the moist clinging air. The music playing in my ipod were mostly Janis Joplin tunes and it was fitting for both my mood and the feel of the night. Again and again as I walk I think of how I could be a good parent to my teens. I often think of how crappy I've handled an "event" and how Mark does such a good job with parenting. I'm usually floundering in words and I get so angry and spitting mad that I can't see straight. I so wish I could be a better parent. My skills suck. I've read books and I've read articles and I've tried to be patient, understanding, calm, collected. I've tried to go to church more. I've tried going to church less. I try to use example. And mostly, lately I try not to scream and bawl and pull my hair out. I try not to swear out loud things like...hey you DUMBASS what do you THINK YOU ARE DOING!!! and things like WHY WHY WHY are you DOING THIS TO ME! I try to be like Mark who lectures calmly and use examples and stories and actually make sense but people....I CAN'T DO IT!!!! I CANNOT DO IT WELL AT ALL!!! I'm a hot head and a screamer and I hate waiting for the perfect words and speech. I like action Jackson and God help me...I'm not a patient person at all. What usually happens is Mark and I and whoever is in the hot seat sit in the living room and Mark lectures and I sit there nodding and when I speak it sounds stupid and I feel like an asshole and then it's over after about 2 hours of Mark lecturing and me being an asshole. I just wish my kids wouldn't do anything they shouldn't. hhahaahahahahahah IS THAT TOOOOOO MUCH TO ASK PEOPLE?!! Tell me it isn't. Please please tell me it isn't.

May 25, 2008

Coca Cola

Haven't tried it yet...but...?? It CAN'T be bad...just bad for you.

Deep Fried Coke Cola

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups Coca Cola
Oil for deep frying

1 cup Coca Cola syrup
whipped cream
maraschino cherries

1. In a medium bowl, mix together the flour and baking powder.
2. Mix in eggs and Coca Cola and stir until a smooth batter forms.
3. Preheat oil in a skillet or deep fryer.
4. Pour 1/3 cup of batter into a funnel or turkey baster and in a circular motion pour batter into the hot oil.
5. Fry up for about a minute on each side and drain on paper towels.
6. Serve while still warm and top with Coca Cola syrup, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Cambridge, flooding; then and now

On May 26, 1885, 9 people were killed from the towns of Cambridge, Richmond Canyon, and Arapahoe; victims are buried in Cambridge with a monument. On June 23, 1947, 13 were killed in Cambridge and Orleans. Total damage was estimated at $15 million, largely because 7.5 inches of rain fell in the Medicine Creek watershed. When this flow mixed with the already-swollen Republican flow, it caused it to rise to a record stage in Orleans: 23 feet, 14 feet over flood stage. Click HERE for the rest of the story.
Active Watches and Warnings

1010 PM CDT SAT MAY 24 2008

1010 PM CDT SAT MAY 24 2008




I hope to get some pictures tomorrow.  I've never seen anything like it before.  The river is out of her banks and the low lands are filling.  As we drove south into the country to look at the flooding I saw twin fawn whitetails, hopping actoss a plowed, muddy field...their tails flagging.  The"ponds" had swirling masses of either fish or bugs on the surface.  I would have liked to stop and sit and listen for awhile.  The crickets, bullfrogs and fading daylight were beautiful.  The fresh smell of wet grass made me think of a lovely summer day.  I tried not to think of swarms of mosquitoes, the stench of dead fish and the old plummy mud that will stain the landscape.  I tried not to think of the carcasses of sloe eyed deer speckling the roadsides, featuring tire tracks across their backs.

Republican River Flooding Out Of Its Banks
Flooding river fills lowlands
Another picture of the river flooding over the banks on May 26th 2008. Should have reached it's crest by noon today.
Flood waters of the Republican river
Another picture taken by my phone. Not the best quality but I think you get the idea.

Taken off the Republican River bridge south of Cambridge, NE

May 21, 2008

Is it September yet??

I just took Alec out for a driving lesson.  He is the only one of my kids I've tried to teach.  Perhaps that is why my other two have had trouble.  Mark is a very speedy driver, not to mention a "ride the bumper of the guy in front" kind of guy.  He's had accidents and tickets and various "car events" which involved insurance agents and police and STOP courses etc.  I don't mean to brag but I've not had a ticket before.  Once, I got a warning.  When I was 19.  Mostly, I drive the speed limit.  I use the cruise control.  I like to take my time getting somewhere.  I was once, as you all know, passed by the local handibus when I was taking Katie and a group of her friends to the orthodontist.  I much prefer someone else to drive while I nap.  God I love napping in a car.  No I didn't say necking, I said, napping.  It's yummy.  Anyway, Alec did okay.  He tends to drift toward the side of the road.  I kept waving my hand trying to get him to get away from the ditch.  I looked like I was swatting flies most of the time.  I'm worn out from it.  Good luck drivers ed teacher.  GOOD LUCK!

May 16, 2008

I'm Already An Idiot!

...and it's not even really summer yet.  Alec went outside to "hang out" with his buddies last night, around 8pm and he says casually, "Just call me when you want me home".  Of course I yell back loudly, "10pm...Be Home!".  He stands, astounded, eyes open wide, jaw dropped and says, "Mom...I'm in  high school now!"

oh brother, school out less than 12 hours and he thinks he's a big high schooler

lord help me

May 15, 2008

Wake Me In September

Stop the clocks, cover the mirrors, it's official. School is out for the summer. Andrew will be a junior next year and Alec will be a freshman. The boys brought home their practice football jerseys and gear. I knew they brought it not only because of the boyish stench but the sheer towering effect all that stuff makes when piled in our entryway. Not only football stuff but their baseball stuff. Could I just say one thing? HELP I'm not ready. I sat down tonight and wrote out the schedule of events for this summer. In June alone, between football camps, basketball club, baseball games and weightlifting we have, ahem...drum roll please...5 days with nothing but weights at 6:15 am. wow 5 days that have barely anything written on them. The rest of the months are INSANE. Games or camps in Gothenberg, Aurora, Holdridge, and Hastings, to mention a few of the towns. These are several hours away from us. Andrew is also working as a life guard. Alec is supposed to be mowing his grandmas lawn at least weekly and it takes 3-4 hours of steady mowing to do some of it.

It's gonna be a busy one.

May 14, 2008

Hometown Makes CNN

Just wanted to pass along great news that we have a feature story coming out tomorrow about our Cambridge ethanol plant and positive community impact. It will be on the website:  starting at 6:30 am Tuesday, May 13. There will be a slightly different version which will air on a CNN segment called Your World Today which runs from 11:00am-12:00. We anticipate the TV version will air on Wednesday, but are still waiting for final word.

May 11, 2008


Oh tender day
remember her sweet touch;
mourning doves coo

May 09, 2008

If the ass fits...wear it!

A friend gave me a book of motto's for the office on my birthday, 5th of May.  The motto's are the kind that you can set up on a desk like a name tag plate and at the end of the day flip the old one over and start out fresh in the a.m. with some new witticism.  Some of the pages featured such gems as I Don't do Decaf, and I Don't Do Perky, and You Wanted That WHEN?!!   I chuckled, they were funny.  Everyday since then we have dilligetnly turned the page and announced, "This is our new saying of the day!" to the customers, workers, whoever happened to be around.  Well, last night as I was checking up and doing the deposit I decided to turn the motto over and what do you think I read?

If jackasses could fly this place would be an airport!

Holy crap if that didn't make me actually laugh out loud and long.  It's my new favorite saying.

May 06, 2008

Rain Man Map Man

"you are the Rain Man of politics", says, Anderson Cooper to John King while discussing the dem primaries tonight on CNN.  All the while John King stands, totally concentrating on the dark blue areas that represent counties of Indiana and he is stretching, pulling, playing, twisting, and tweaking his. . . map. potty heads...this is not another name for pulling the pud.  One almost feels dizzy from the constant movement of the map.  We saw sparsely populated counties, we zoomed into suburban counties with snap together ranch style homes positioned near baseball fields and parking lots.  John put us into the living rooms of Lake county citizens.  all the while he has this dazed yet happy look on his face.  He has a tool people and he isn't afraid to use it!

Our Front Yard

Double Blooming Peach Tree

Ode To My Neighbors Canine Canary Chorus aka Little Dog Fuqu Haiku

dogs barking, barking
awake, again, at midnight
shut up you assholes!

May 05, 2008

May 04, 2008

Beer & Smarties

I'm just now having one of Mark's beer of the month beers...a Irresistible Amber Ale from Madison River Brewing Co and a handful of Smarties...while watching the end of Idol Favorites.   I'm in the mood to watch Accidental Tourist but A Love Song for Bobby Long is on instead.

I've been wondering what to do for Mom.  She and Dad's 51st  Anniversary would be on Monday.  Dad has been gone almost a whole year now.  Hard to believe.  It's still their Anniversary, but what do you do in this case?  Presents?  What?  I've always gotten them a present.  It feels weird not to but right now I don't have anything bought.  Feels strange.  Last year Dad was so sick I didn't know if he would live until their Anniversary.  I had a card shower and they got a million cards.  It was sooo nice.  He actually read most every one.  I got them a 50th Anniversary blanket and a book about 1954 and it was an okay time.  But, what to do now?  I thought about getting one of those triangle flag holders for Dad's flag...but ...of course I haven't got it yet.  shit

I guess instead of eating smarties I should have been attempting to attain that level...

May 02, 2008

Pray For Me

CNN made an hour long stop at Shirley K's Coffee Shop on Wednesday.

Yes...CNN...the news CNN. They are doing a story on a rural area that has an ethanol plant and the impact on the town...I think. They did not talk with me however they honed in on my nail bitten, band aided hands while I made a latte...nice...I'm also afraid they got a bit close to my uni browed pimple cheeked face. And I hope to God they didn't get a shot of my 3 axe handled and a shoebox wide ASS. Wow what a draw that would be. I'm not too worried. I feel the shop shots will be cut...please please please. Leave the interviews...cut the freak. Please pray to the God of nail bitten, pimple faced, uni browed, 3 axe handled and a shoebox wide asses everywhere that they will NOT show that close up of me.

I believe the bit will air next week.  But I'm not really sure.  Pretty neat to have them there though.

May 01, 2008

Wedgie My ASS I Call the Coppers

News - Local News

Police respond to call of felony wedgification
by The Prowler - 4/30/2008

At 8:16 p.m. on April 22, a North Platte police patrolman was dispatched by the 911 Center to a North Platte home in the 200 block of William Avenue on the complaint of a wedgie.

Seems a neighbor kid gave a youngster a wedgie and the boy’s father called the police.

A wedgie is the condition of having one’s underwear or other garmets “wedged” between the buttocks. This can occur, due to tight garments or physical activity, or performed as a prank by another person by yanking the undergarments upward, thus “giving a wedgie.”

The officer arrived at the residence and talked with all concerned, according to a police spokesman. The father of the boy who received the wedgie thought it was inappropriate.

The officer was able to calm the situation and no one was cited or arrested.

The police spokesman said they are ever vigilant and on the lookout for wedgies here.

“You might get away with that in Lincoln or Omaha,” the spokesman said. “But we’re not going to allow wedgies in North Platte.”

The spokesman said they planned to put a stop to the wedgies before they escalate into full-blown melvins or atomic wedgies.

April 30, 2008

I Got A Present! I Got A Present! I Got A Present!

Well, we got through a busy day at the shop today.  We had to cater a brown bag luncheon for 54.  That is quite a bit of lunch for us to prepare beside what we have at the shop.  I stayed up until about 4 am watching boiling chickens, making stickers, making plans, getting to go bags ready with silverware, napkins etc.  Our menu was homemade chicken salad sandwiches on a homemade bun.  We put slightly roasted, slivered almonds in, water chestnuts, celery, and onion in with lots of chicken.  We made and frosted sugar cookies and I made little stickers with fortunes on them to seal the cookies into a paper sack.  The group also received homemade potato salad and a big of sun chips.  We brought our house blend coffee, Sit Long Talk Much and also a flavored blend of Butterscotch Toffee.  I also brewed tea and served this iced.  whewwwwwwww  Thank goodness for our wonderful helpers.  Afterwards, Cindy Sue and I went for a short bike ride.  It ended up to be 20 miles or so.  My second real ride since March.  I don't think we will do BRAN ride this year but maybe we can do the NUMB ride. The NUMB 2008 ride will be a 270+/- mile loop tour starting and ending in Wahoo, Nebraska.  The strangest thing happened on our ride today.  My eyes always tear up to much when I ride.  I think it is because I wear to small of sunglasses and the wind irritates my eyes.  Soooo I was wiping tears and I just said to Cindy, "I need to get a pair of good sunglasses" and it wasn't more than 20 feet later and waaa laaaahhh there was a perfectly good pair of yellow Ironman sunglasses laying on the side of the road!!  I was like whoooahhhh is this strange or what.  Nothing wrong with them at all.  AND THEY FIT!!  

now...sadly after only 20 miles...I feel a bit tired and my right foot hurts.  Don't know what to do about that yet.  Might need a pad in my cycle shoes.

April 27, 2008

Pissin' Petie Strikes Again!

...but not with piss.  I just so caught Petie stealin' the cat food.  That rotten scoundrel.  I came into the house and wa laa I hear the clickity clack of dog nails on the laundry room floor going 50 mph.  AHAH!! I shouted as Petie came slinking out of the room like he'd been shot from a cannon...might I add...licking his chops wildly.  When I asked him, "Did you eat the cat food??!!"  he smiled, then hid under the coffee table where he's been happily snoozing and alternatively farting for hours now.

gag...there is nothing on this world that smell worse than a dog farting wet cat food scented gas

April 23, 2008

Bidet or Bit O Lay?

Okay, if I get this desparate...just put me out of my misery.  and I thought I needed to get out more.

never mind

April 22, 2008

Race Track Tired

What a day. Full out work until you drop mode then make sure you drop into Mark's vehicle because it's going to take you to Alec's track meet(one hour away)...which by the way will last until 8 pm ish.  Get home and collapse.

I'm losing some really good help at the end of this month.  Two helpers that have been with me from the beginning.  I even cried last week and that isn't something I do so easily.  I dread trying to replace these people.

now what

I realize that my life work will be this shop.  My L i f e will be this shop.  Not nursing, not that, making coffee, sandwiches, selling doo dads, making menus, buying beans and bags and grinders, putting freight away, ordering food, bagging up food, making food, making small talk and missing events because my high school helpers have to be gone for the afternoon, smelling like oilive oil and bacon and wearing frosting in my hair and the side of my jaw, vacuuming and repairing ice machines and making espresso with the perfect crema, wiping tables and sweeping floors, making up fruit smoothie names and making Italian sodas.

Sometimes I'm happy about not being on call and not working as a nurse and sometimes I'm extremely sad.  Sometimes I'm so damn tired I just don't know what I think about anything.

Life is passing by at a record speed.

April 21, 2008

ESPN THIS you curr!

I got home from work and strangely my TV was on.  Pissin' Petie casually yawned and stretched as he slowly unfolded himself from the recliner.   He wondered lazily over to his empty food bowl, stared up at me as if to say, Bitch...get me sum food...NOW!  So of course, I did.  I then proceeded to sit in Pissin Peties recliner and fall dead asleep.  My Mom called around 5 nanoseconds later to mention she was going to McCook and would I like to go and I was like running around half asleep murmuring yes, where am I?, who am I?, where is my coat?  was I asleep? where are you?    You get the drift.  Later Mom came over to pick me up, as I was racing down the highway toward her house...handy that.  I met her back at my house and hopped in.  She was going to the dentist and I would go watch Andrew in his track meet.  I did notice that Andrew had eaten his lunch that I packed him to take to the track meet...for breakfast.  He left the humongous cooler opened, on the counter, ate the wraps, left the chips, ate the candy bars and drank a few Gatorade's and waaa lahhhh.  Apparently he was fortified and didn't want to haul that sweet baby blue cooler/diaper bag around with him.  I don't get why not?  hmmmmm.   Anywhoo  to make a long story longer, he did fair in the pole vault, got 5th in his 300 low hurdles and set a new personal record, which almost made me HURL because he WASN'T  WEARING HIS KNEE BRACE and he hadn't run hurdles since LAST YEAR!!   I swear the coaches are trying to kill my kids and me.  Andrew didn't place in the  200 but his 400 relay got 1st!!  The looked good  He ran the third leg and ran a 57 which was alright  in my book.  Tomorrow, Alec goes 5,000 miles away for his track meet.  Hopefully I can go.   He is going to triple jump, do high and low hurdles and a relay.  I must remember to pack him a lunch.  Maybe he will eat his for breakfast too.

Beer, Track and Bedsheets

Well, what a day.  First off early this morning the telephone rang.  Luckily my crippled ass was up and around and I answered the ring a ding ding before it woke everyone else.  It was a lady looking for my 8 am...on a Sunday morning...and I JUST KNEW my MOM WAS SCREENING her calls.  I knew this lady wanted Mom to go to  church with her.  and I also knew my Mom was TIRED!!  However I answered politely that no my mommy hadn't spent the night here, and that I thought she was probably okay and at home, that she had been at my house until late.  She said okay and we hung up.  Five freaking minutes later the phone rings, it's for Mark...a script he had to fill, five minutes later the phone rang, it was the lady looking for my mom.  She was almost frantic, "I've called and called and your mom won't answer and where could she be?"  I thought hard, maybe in BED is what I wanted to say.  I told her I would check on my Mom and she said GOOD  like she thought I wouldn't or something.  I then called Mom, between the dozen calls Mark got, and of COURSE SHE ANSWERS THE PHONE.  I was like, Mom...answer your phone and just say NO.  She was like, I can't say no, I'll have to go...I don't want to go...I don't have anything to wear...blah blah blah.  I shook my head and thought, no wonder I'm the way I am.

Okay, this is just trivial bullshit as usual.  On another note, I'm starting our new menu tomorrow and I'd rather take a beating.  I don't know why I'm dragging my feet.  Usually I'm excited.  I worked on the new menus at the shop until around midnight and finally they were done.  Then I remember Andrew had a track meet tomorrow.  CRAP  That means lunch for him, clothes to be washed and THEN I REMEMBERED I HAD THE SHEETS OFF ALL OUR BEDS...shit shit double shit!  I had this vision of everyone sleeping on mattress pads...ugh.  Luckily only Alec's bed was naked.  He was long past asleep, pressed against the scratchy mattress pad.  gross Then I found out...Andrew is running hurdles tomorrow and I can't go to the meet and he hasn't run hurdles since he blew his knee out and HOW COULD THE COACH DO THIS TO ME!!! AGHHHHHHHHH

Well, I told myself, NO Beer TONIGHT!  I had enough last night.  I did NOT NEED TO DRINK AT MIDNIGHT on a Sunday night.  NO.  What did I do?  got home at midnight, started to unload the dishwasher, load it up, and instantly cracked open a beer.

damn it

April 20, 2008

Julia Child Would Fucking Shit!

I bet Julia childs and a spraddle legged chickenthe old girl is rolling over in her grave...or laughing her ass off. She started this whole cooking show thing didn't she?

I'm watching F WORD, a cooking show and learning that A) our kitchen at Shirley K's doesn't win for cussing during lunch hour and B) I can't hear a fuckin' thing and am going deaf when it comes to trying to hear an accent.

Been a busy weekend. Of course, Saturday involved "makin' the donuts" and it was a bit of a slow day, which was kind of nice. If you don't mind money shooting out the window like a slit artery. Got home around 3pm and did nothing except watch a cooking show. I saw a nice recipe for stuffed manicotti and an awesome recipe for chicken breast stuffed with, among many things, fontina cheese. I decided to get groceries for both entrees and would decide later which one supper would be. home and after a little eeny meeny miny mo...started in on making the manicotti. Chopped spinach, fresh basil, fresh oregano, a clove of garlic, coarse salt and pepperfor the sauce. However, since I hadn't written the recipes down I realized mid way through I was making the sauce for the chicken breast. shit Oh well, I winged it. Slit the chicken breast, shoved the greens combo in, wedged a nice pie shaped piece of fontina cheese in and baked for two hours. Made a spinach salad with a sauce of honey, red wine vinegar, fresh basil, olive oil, red grapes, Swiss cheese and red onion. We also had...Brown rice. Fresh broccoli with butter. Supper was Freakin awesome! I will definitely make the chicken breast in that same way again.

Thank you Julia...big kiss!

April 14, 2008

Cindy, There Is Hope For Us Yet!

This is an amazing man. 101 years old and in his first marathon. Did he train? Why yes of course and I think I LIKES the way he trains...he drinks beer (no water) and smokes 14 cigarettes(blegh) per day.

Go Back To Bed!

I feel like the ghosts are out early. Usually I hear them around 3am. I know you think I'm coo coo...but so what. I am. Anyway, for some reason, I feel the ghosts are out and tearing around too early.
I don't like it. It doesn't feel like the kind ghosts, or my relatives or like that. It feels different.

weird...I just noticed that the date is the 14th and Dad died 10 months ago on this date.

Wanting Warmth or Dancing Light
Do the bones of the earth

Long for quivering flesh

Once again

Aching for the solid comfort

To be wrapped in warmth

Or do they dance light and free

Embracing the coolness

Without envy

Under the dark sky

Beating the tombs as drums

by Sheryl McCurdy

Also...the other night, I dreamed I had worms in my feet.


maybe this is a premonition of some sort...hmmmmmmmmm
because, really feet are squeaky clean.

April 12, 2008

Candy Man Hey Candy Man

Take What kind of candy be you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

A little bit nice, a little bit naughty. I'm kind, but I show people who's boss around here. Sweet.

Wish I Could Just Let It Go

Alec had his firt dentist appointment of perhaps a million. He has many cavities that need to be fixed before we tackle the chips and cracks in his molars. That was a big dissappointment to me. AND we can't even get him into the dentist until the first week of June. great just super great.

I was chewing on somthing today and I bit it wrong with my back teeth and I thought, Alec will have problems all of his life now. I guess I should just let it go, but the thing is, Alec has a lot to go through, now, and for the rest of his life really, because of somthing someone did that was extremely stupid. He has been through many, many medical things already with the surgeries for anyurismic bone cyst removal (twice), crutches when he was 5 and again when he was 7.and now this.

April 10, 2008


Sex is like snow, you never know how many inches you're going to get or how long it will last.

April 09, 2008

Autism and Encephalitis/could they be related?

I was just watching a little bit of AWAKENINGS which is about the victims of an encephalitis epidemic many, many years ago and they have been catatonic ever since, but now a new drug offers the prospect of reviving them. As I watched I thought of the recent show I watched on autism and I thought...I wonder if the two are somehow related? I wonder if the drug some form could help those kids with autism...??

April 07, 2008

Good Old Cambridge

When I was a little girl and went with my parents to my grandparents house in Arapahoe, or visiting somewhere else I would say, as we came back and re-entered Cambridge, "Ahhhhh good old Cambridge". After reading this article I think you will too.

Check out this article about Cambridge in Nebraska Rural Living and you'll want to come live the good life!

Purdy Damn Good!!

I've been loving the song I Just Can't Get It Right Today since I saw this commercial. I suddenly realized, I've bought cd's from Joe Purdy before from CD Baby. I bought, Julie Blue last year or so and I loved it. Now I know why that video sparked my interest. Check it out! Also, read what Joe posted on facebook and let's help him out!

You can go to my facebook and hook up with Joe through Ilike

Joe Purdy posted this bulletin.

Hello Folks!We need your help. "Can't Get It Right Today" has been charting on the Itunes rock.

Hello Folks!

We need your help. "Can't Get It Right Today" has been charting on the Itunes rock charts for the past few weeks and today it's #29. That's pretty huge considering that Joe doesn't work with a record label. Let's make Purdy history and try to get it in the top 10!!

Here's what you can do. Add it to your page!! Add the banner below to your page and send it out in a bulletin. Buy the song if you haven't already!!